Sisel MLM Review

Sisel International MLM Review

Latest Sisel International MLM Review

If you are considering joining Sisel International for the business opportunity then this Sisel International MLM Review may be helpful. We have summarised the opportunity in bite-size chunks including:

  • Sisel MLM Overview
  • Low upfront costs
  • Compensation Plan
  • Discounts
  • Signup Process
  • Manufacuring
  • Owners
  • Commissions
  • PV Minimums
  • Products
  • The Bottom Line

Sisel MLM Overview

Founded in 2006 and headquartered in Sarnen, Switzerland, Sisel International is a multi-level marketing company that provides personal care products and dietary supplements. Sisel’s focus is on toxin free age reversal products.

Sisel Manufacturing Plant SupraNatural Mower Mission
Sisel International own their own manufacturing facility. It is located in Utah, USA.

Sisel International’s name is an acronym that stands for the foundational principles the company upholds: science, innovation, success, energy, and longevity.

The company manufactures all of its products in its own facilities and operates globally in over 40 countries.

Low up front costs

The cost to join Sisel International as an independent distributor is relatively low:

$29.95 USD for US residents (includes a distributor pack)

Preferred customers are free.

For Australia/New Zealand residents the joining fee includes a distributor pack $37.50 NZ.

This is affordable for most consumers with renewal costs only $24 NZ per year. Find out more about how to become a Sisel Distributor.

Compensation Plan

The compensation plan offered by Sisel International is built on a hybrid unilevel structure. Independent distributors have the ability to earn 25 percent commissions for enrolling preferred customers.

Direct commissions range from 3 to 7 percent on downline team members. The company also provides daily fast start bonuses and global bonus pools to its distributors. Bonuses are paid out on a monthly basis.

Sisel have an additional compensation plan based on the binary structure. Distributors can earn $50 to $150 per wealth builder sign up. To be eligbal eyou need to purcahse a wealth pack.


Distributors enjoy generous discounts. Distributors become part of the loyalty rewards program. As distributors purchase products and generate PV, they get rewarded. To qualify for these tier rewards, they to purchase at least 100PV per month, for 4 consecutive months. This equates to roughly $110 to $180 dollars.

Upon completing the 4th month, a Rewards Coupon that can be used on any* purchase during the next 30 days.

4 consecutive months at 100-199PV: 5% Rewards Coupon
4 consecutive months at 200 — 299PV: 6% Rewards Coupon
4 consecutive months at 300PV or more: 8% Rewards Coupon

Shipping rebates are given to distributors who order 250 PV or more each month. On the 13th month all the shipping fees are returned as a coupon to spend back on products.

Signup Process

It’s an easy signup process. Setting up an account as a customer or enrolling as an independent distributor online is a simple process; Sisel International does not require individuals to know an already-enrolled sponsor in order to sign up to sign up as a customer. To enroll as a distributor you must enroll through an existing distributor.

Consumers can fill out an online form that guides them through the entire process within a few minutes.


The company’s product line is produced at the SupraNaturals state of the art manufacturing facility located in the United States. This facility is owned and operated by Sisel International.


Sisel is family owned and fueled by lots of passion from it’s owners. Sisel International was founded by Tom Mower Sr and his Son, Tom Mower Jr in 2006. Tom Mower Sr takes a lead in the company operations and is the President and Co Founder. Tom Junior is the CEO of Sisel International. His son Thomas Mower Jr Jr. is the Director of Australia New Zealand Operations. Liesel Mower, daughter of Tom Mower Sr, is the Director of Sisel Beauty.


Sisel International Distributors receive generous commissions. 25 percent commissions on the products they sell. If they enroll another distributor who purchases product they get 25% the first month and 7% the second month.

Distributors are eligible for rebates on personal orders as mentioned above.

PV Minimums

In order to qualify for commissions, distributors must maintain a 50 PV minimum each month. Additionally, distributors and customers have the option to enroll in Sisel International autoship program. This is not mandatory.


Sisel International products are well priced for the quality and concentration of ingredients used. Sisel products are far from being slap stick. They stand out as cutting edge products. Sisel pride themselves on creating elite products. Since the manufacturing facility produces products for over 80 other companies including many popular MLM companies. Sisel states that would not use the products from the other companies they manufacture for. Sisel research the research.

The Bottom Line

Sisel International is a multi-level marketing company that produces personal care products and dietary supplements in its company-owned manufacturing facility. The signup process is simple and upfront costs are low. Additionally, independent distributors can earn commissions and bonuses. In addition, Sisel International commissions are above the industry average. Finally,  the products are state of the art and unlike any other MLM company. This is due to the company owning their own research and manufacturing facility.

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