Living a long health span

Health Span vs Life Span

If you increase a person’s health span you will envitablity increase their lifespan. Are you more concerned about health span or life span?

Aging is not a mystery, says famed researcher Dr. Aubrey de Grey, perhaps the world’s foremost advocate of the provocative view that medical technology will one day allow humans to control the aging process and live healthily into our hundreds—or even thousands.

Understanding Health Span vs Life Span

Should you care about extending your health span? If you are beyond your health span then you may still be in your life span however it means you are chronically sick. With some sort of deteriorating health condition. Therefore, everyone would probably agree staying in your health span is ideal.

On average, live up to 20% of our lives unhealthy. Needless to say, that is a long time.

The 10 top causes of death. Many aspects of these are considered preventable. Let’s take a look at the table below.

Top ten causes of death in the USA and their average median age of first occurrence.

So there are agreed lifestyle changes that may delay the onset of many serious diseases listed in the table above.

The lifestyle changes may seem like common sense, however it is rare for a doctor to ask his patient if he or she is consistently performing these daily actions.

Increasing health span

Health Span vs Life Span
Having a long heath span means a healthy happy life. Health span
is more important than life span.

Such as:

  • healthy balanced diet
  • moderate, regular exercise
  • No smoking
  • Controlled or zero drinking

These 4 factors will go a very long way into promoting health span and limiting the onset of many diseases.

In relation to cellular level of health span, there is growing research on a number of supplements that can improve the body’s natural function.

These include fatty acids, antioxidants and compounds such as  NAD+ have been shown to influence the health of various tissues and their stem cells.

There are many more natural and physical therapies that show promise.

One area that can’t be denied is stem cell treatment. This is a growing field of medicine.

In fact my friend, Dr Curt recently had 24 stem cells injections. He was suffering severe pain due to a motorcycle accident, that left him in a wheelchair for 2 years. He was told he would never walk again.  With the help of natural therapies and more recently stem cells injections he can now stand on one leg. Inspiring results wouldn’t you agree?

Dr Curt used a multi prong approach to recover his health. So we need to be careful not to be ignorant and think that one cure-all molecule will do.

Sisel’s AGE Pill

For example, I would not recommend Sisel’s AGE Pill to someone who smokes and drinks. Because the reality is that quitting smoking and cutting out alcohol combined with exercise and a healthy diet would go a long way to improving one’s health span. There is no magic pill that will combat behaviors that are destructive and shorten health span.

Whilst the Sisel AGE Pill testimonials are very impressive, it is not a magic pill. Taken in conjuction with a healthy lifestyle, I believe it can go a long way to support your health span and ultimately life span.

Health Span and Young People

Healthspan is a topic relevant to all people. Both young and old people will benefit from health-span therapies.

Interesting to note that many people dont become interested in their health until around 50-55 years of age. This is the time they really start to notice the signs of aging.

Younger people are only interested if they have the benefit of foresight. Perhaps if they have a sick older family member or have been educated or influenced about health from a young age.

The benefit of foresight

Foresight, was certainly the case for myself. My desire for age reversal and increased health span was fueled by Father’s illness. His health span was short and so was his life span. He developed early-onset Alzheimer’s at 54. All I could think about when I was young is what caused it? how could we prevent it? and how can we stop it? That took me on a journey which has lead me to where I am today.

I am on a mission empower people about health span and longevity. Sisel products are complemetary to this goal, in my opinion.

Turning the health industry upside down

Aubrey De Grey says that the world’s point of view regarding aging and sickness will be “turned upside down by sufficiently promising results in the lab, in mice. Once we get to be able to rejuvenate actually old mice really well so they live substantially longer than they otherwise would have done, in a healthy state, everyone’s going to know about it and everyone’s going to demand.

He goes onto highlight that once this happens it’s going to take a radical change and paradigm shift to how the FDA handles regulatory obstacles.

“It’s not going to be possible to get re-elected unless you have a manifesto commitment to turn the FDA completely upside down and make sure this happens without any kind of regulatory obstacle.” Ref.

So, in conclusion, it seems there is great hope for us after all. Hopefully, you start thinking about changes you can make to improve your health span, which will utimately lead to a longer health span.

Last Updated on March 27, 2023 by Katie Sisel Distributor