New Sisel weight loss products in 2023

New Sisel weight loss products in 2023 with Tom Mower Jr. Sisel Scoop Newsletter March 2023.

Tom Mower Jr. on Turn&Burn™ along with SiselTHIN™ “The turning point to a holistic weight loss system.

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“When doing research on the Turn&Burn formulation last summer, we wanted to address weight loss from many different areas. That meant addressing thermogenesis (body heat), free radical damage, better sleep, a healthy lifestyle, attitude, exercise, and a clean diet. We also looked at metabolism in general and the shifts on your circadian rhythms when you’re awake and when you’re asleep.

We wanted to look inside, into what we can do nutritionally to become more balanced and accelerate weight loss. One key component that really stands out with the Turn & Burn formulation, is our concern in taking the white fat that we have been depositing for some time, sometimes for many decades, and making it fluid, turning it into energy to be consumed by our body. So, this is a large component of what we were looking for in the ingredients that we studied in developing this formulation.

When you regularly take Turn&Burn with SiselTHIN, along with healthy habits, you can significantly accelerate weight loss. The better your diet, the more you exercise, the more you sleep (within limits of course), the longer you supplement correctly, then, the more real, holistic, well-rounded results you will get.

Turn&Burn. When talking about the ingredients in the Daytime formula (yellow label), we made sure to include beneficial catechins like EGCGs (epigallocatechin-3- gallates) from green tea. Many of these ingredients are designed to promote weight loss and to give you energy. You look at the very bottom of the list—and you find black pepper.

Why would we put that in there? Because it gives you greater bioavailability for all the nutrients so your body can maximize their effects. It includes Kudzu–a wild, noxious plant that grows in the southern part of the United States–which is efficiently thermogenic. It helps to increase our temperature. Just like any good campfire, the more wood we put on it, the more energy and heat that it generates.

If you look at the Nighttime formula (blue label), you will see things that are present in other Sisel formulations. We have resveratrol and quercetin. But guess what happens when you combine these two together? They increase mitochondrial output of energy.

So basically, if we had an engine, it is like stepping on the pedal and revving it up. As some of you have heard before,  our body stores two forms of fat. We have brown fat, also known as brown adipose tissue (BAT), and we have white fat, also known as white adipose tissue (WAT). BAT contains lots of mitochondria, and they’re not regulated. They just want to produce energy. Every time it gets a little cold, or we need energy, they just start producing it. On the other hand, WAT has very few mitochondria and they only want to produce enough energy to maintain the integrity
of that cell. So you can see why we want to achieve the browning of WAT.

The Nighttime formulation has grape seed, pomegranate, ginger, and all of these ingredients have the ability to help move that stored fat from WAT into fuel for BAT in order to produce more energy.

SiselTHIN. Two years ago, we introduced this formulation when the talk in the market was about the benefits of taking exogenous ketones. We’ve known forever that ketosis can be achieved by limiting the amount of carbohydrates. However, it’s very difficult to do that.

Many people who start a keto diet get into day four or five, they’re like, “I can’t do it!” This is because we see a dip in energy as our body is switching from burning simple carbohydrates into burning ketones as fuel for our brains and our bodies. When we first get into ketosis, our brain is using about 60% ketones. Within a prolonged period
of doing this, our whole body is using ketones and there are many more beneficial results than just plain weight loss.

Let’s talk about this weight loss combo. SiselTHIN and Turn&Burn are the perfect weight loss combination. If we
look at the ingredients within Turn&Burn, we know that we are helping to make energy burning more readily available. Then, we are also aiding to transition stored energy to a mobile source of energy that can be easily
utilized. But now, what can we do within our body to accelerate the burning process? If we’re talking about burning fat, that involves ketones.

Ketones are used in place of carbohydrates. But we can accelerate this process by taking SiselTHIN because we flood our body with ketones. We don’t have the lag in time, and we can spur on ketosis to the point where our body starts to pull this energy source and consume it even quicker.

What we have found—confirmed by recent studies—is that when the body is flooded with these exogenous forms
of ketones, there is a reduction of big spikes of insulin.

Studies show that when these ingestible forms of ketones are consumed, they help to buffer and lower our insulin levels. That is a great benefit! There is a lot of gain that comes when we push ourselves into ketosis.
When your body produces a lot of insulin, you’re talking about really gaining additional weight. Insulin is secreted from the pancreas, and when we consume carbohydrates, insulin wants to attach to it. It wants to get that carbohydrate out of your system and to put it into fat-storing cells. Obviously, when it puts it in those white fat cells, it produces more fat storage.

One thing about these formulations is that they come not only with weight loss but also with a broad spectrum of benefits.

When it comes to SiselTHIN, several studies from the last two years since we brought SiselTHIN out into the market show that these BHB forms of ketones also have a great positive effect on our brain function.

The Turn&Burn formulation includes fucoxanthin originating from Limu Moui with great thermogenic properties. Also, a solid form of resveratrol that has the same beneficial properties found in Eternity®. As far as antioxidants go, we find quercitin and pomegranate extract to help keep free-radicals under control. We’ve included cocoa powder, thermogenic cocoa bean extract, and green coffee bean extract—all of which can help trigger thermogenesis. People ask, why is there melatonin in the formulation? In the Nighttime formulation with Turn&Burn, we included melatonin because that gives you better sleep, and also slightly increases your body temperature–improving the fat-burning process as well.

Turn&Burn + Sisel THIN is a true 24-hours-a-day, seven days a week, fat burning, weight loss support combo. These are products that have some great overall health properties to them and have great studies associated with brain activity and how they can make us feel more youthful.

This combination is new, it’s revolutionary, it’s backed by science, it’s powerful. The response we’ve had is incredible. Your lively testimonials and enthusiasm are also incredible. That’s what fuels our fire! Let us know what you’re seeing in your overall health. We’re excited about the weight loss, but more importantly, we’re excited about you, and the type of help that you can receive in health and everything else that’s going on in your life.”

Last Updated on April 2, 2023 by Katie Sisel Distributor

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