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Tom Mower Snr: You know my intro into network marketing all came from a shampoo bottle.

Tom Mower Jnr: In the 1970’s Tom Senior was manufacturing a lot of industrial chemicals. Our whole focus in the business at that point was to manufacture floor waxes, engine degreasers..

Tom Mower Snr: We had garage floor cleaner, engine degreaser, carwash soap and a number of other toxins.

Tom Mower Jnr: What we found is that people wanted results.

Tom Mower Snr: When I made products with those kinds of ingredients which I sold to the commercial application and into industry I had to put out a material safety data sheet to warn them ‘’keep it off your skin’’.

Tom Mower Jnr: [1:53] Requires now that chemical manufacturers send us information in the form of an MSDS sheet on what these products potentially could do; everything from flammability to the different health hazards that could occur by using these type of ingredients.

Tom Mower Snr: I had emergency showers in my manufacturing plant, you got some of this on your skin, strip off, jump in, pull the shower and wash it off.

Tom Mower Snr: I remember Tom at that point he would open these up and he would read these ingredients statements that would come in for propylene glycol and glycerine and sodium laurel sulphate, cocamide DEA.

Tom Mower Snr: And there I was using it with my hair shampoo in my bathroom. I was so amazed I couldn’t believe it. So I looked at the conditioner. Same kind of things. Many of these potentially harmful cancer causing agents with them that can affect children’s eyes, keep them from developing properly. They actually caused hair loss, caused hair to slow down its growth rate. I looked at these things and I thought ‘’how can they be in a product?’’. So I said ‘’I’m not going to let my family use this stuff, I know what it does’’.

Tom Mower Jnr: So what did dad do? He goes through the house..

Tom Mower Snr: So I got my garbage can, I went and threw everything in. My wife says ‘’what are you doing?’’ I said ‘’I’m getting rid of these toxins’’. Where do you think cancer comes from? We don’t smoke. How many people do you know that don’t smoke that got cancer? I think it’s coming out of these personal care products.

Tom Mower Jnr: He started getting rid of those and we started in the personal care business, not as a personal care business, but as a family concerned for our own health.

Speaker 3: I remember when I first came down to the manufacturing facility and pulled up in front of this 400,000 square foot, 37,000 square meter manufacturing facility and I thought to myself this is amazing, that this one individual, Tom Mower Senior had made this type of commitment, capital-wise. But this type of commitment to his mission, in order to give people, really all of us, the opportunity to have more out of life, to have a better level of health, to have a better level of understanding of the toxins and the chemicals and the heavy metals that were in some of our personal care products and I thought to myself, you know as I walked through it with Tom Mower Senior the first time coming in here, I thought to myself, ‘’here’s a man that is on a mission. Here’s a man that has literally dedicated the last 30 years of his life, educating, informing and empowering millions of people around the world, helping them understand a better way of life’’. They’ve spent literally almost a lifetime trying to understand how to help us better understand what we’re reaching for in the shower. What we’re reaching for as we brush our teeth, what we’re reaching for as we wash our dishes. You know some of these basic things that we don’t think about on a daily basis but what we should be thinking about.

Tom Mower Snr: And so that’s what we’re doing, we’ve chosen to do it right. We’ve chosen what to avoid. We’ve chosen what to use, expensive ingredients other companies wouldn’t think of using or if they do use them they put such a small amount in, it’s inconsequential. We’ve got the perfect storm, we’ve got the model to do it and we’ll train distributers to tell others how to do it.

Be happy, you’re feeling younger, you’re making money, you’re living longer, you’re taking care of your family, your family’s healthier. All of that. that’s our mission; take back your life. You can’t do it alone but we think Sisel can be the factor to help you do it.

Speaker 3: So when we’re talking about the Mower Mission, we’re really talking about going around the world, globally. Literally educating, informing and empowering millions of people on how to make better choices on a daily basis. Think about it; the Mowers have made it simple. Sisel makes it simple. We just have to make the right decisions. We have to take a stand today. The first step starts with us. If we take that first step and we reach for Sisel we know that we’ve made a good choice.

Tom Mower Jnr: What could people do to really realise that help that they’ve always wanted and then maintain it?

And I believe that you’ll find that Sisel has the answers to this and many more things.

Speaker 3: And what I’ve been able to learn the last number of years from the Mowers, as they’ve taught me and educated me to go out and help others, again have a better quality of life, have a better health standard, a higher health standard, and helping to educate them as well on how they can build a phenomenal business just based on these incredible products that the world has never seen before. It’s my mission as well and I hope it’s yours.

Tom Mower Snr: So come join us in this worldwide mission. There’s no company like this. There’s never been a company like this before and I don’t think there ever will be.

Join us for the products! There’s nothing like it. Join us for the business [6:38 opportunity?], there’s nothing like it and we’re going to be the largest company in the world I believe in network marketing because our philosophy is so powerful and so effective.


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