Sisel Australia – resveratrol works on a gene which is called SIRT1 and this is a gene that controls the aging process

Well, what we have discovered is that resveratrol works on a gene which is called SIRT1 and this is a gene that controls the aging process. Resveratrol seeks out that gene and switches it on.

Resveratrol has the chance to change healthcare.

I think that within the next few decades, we have a pretty good chance of effectively defeating aging as a cause of death.

Way beyond nips and tucks and diet and exercise, to the cutting edge of the search for a longer, healthier life. What you will see would not have been possible just a few years ago. So whether you are 20 or 40 or 60 years old, living well past 100 could happen to you.

I’m Tom Mower the founder of Sisel International, (Sisel is now open in Australia) which is one of the largest research and development and manufacturing companies in the world and we believe resveratrol is the one that you’ve been looking for. Is what they’re saying true? We believe it is, we believe this is the greatest discovery in the history of natural medicines or dietary supplements ever. It all started with the French paradox. You know they found the French lifestyle where they eat a lot of fatty foods, they should have had very high rates of heart attacks and cardiovascular disease but they didn’t, they had very low rates. So as researchers looked in to it, they found out the reason was, there was resveratrol in red wine. Now as researchers got into this to develop a pharmaceutical drug, because of the power of using an ingredient for these kinds of things, they found that it did much much more. So researchers are going to try and develop a synthetic drug that they can patent. But that takes years and years and costs hundreds of millions of dollars to develop. Do you want to wait? Or do you want a viable alternative that is the real thing that was found in nature?

And that’s what we’ve done at Sisel (Sisel is now open in Australia) we’ve taken it, put it together in a super formulation, to give the product to you right now, and not expensive like the prescription drug but a safe, natural, very powerful effective ingredient in a super formulation. And this is the formula that researchers have used. It’s a formula based upon a liquid with synergistic ingredients in it so that the total effects are greater than the sum of the parts. We believe that’s true and in Sisel we have done it just that way. But there’s more than that to it. You see suddenly there’s a flurry of capsules that are out there. Some cheap without much in it, some expensive and quite frankly they may not have much in it either. Because resveratrol is such a delicate molecule, it’s so reacting, it works so quick, that you have to protect it or else it will react with oxygen, light, or heat and can be destroyed. And the fact is it can be destroyed right in the stomach itself. So when you compare our super liquid formulation, encapsulated products are vulnerable because light, heat, and oxygen can attack them and they can degrade. In fact, is in come clinical studies they found that the capsule they took didn’t even get in to the blood system itself. It’s that powerful and that reactive of a molecule. So researchers as they started to study it they found that a mouse that was on resveratrol had twice the stamina of one that didn’t, and as animals were taking it over a period of time, they started living much much longer. But not just living longer, they didn’t seem to age, they looked younger, they acted younger, aren’t these the benefits that you’re looking for? Can you imagine if you had an ingredient like resveratrol which would activate the gene that would greatly increase your life, give you tremendous amounts of energy and vibrant health? So obviously we all want the benefits of resveratrol, but how do you maximise the formulation to get the greatest potential it has to offer? Well in nature, it’s just not resveratrol by itself. There are other ingredients that work with it, synergistically to create a symphony of effects. They play on the genetic code that you have within your body to maximise the potential you have for life extension, for tremendous amounts of energy and vitality and great health, and at Sisel we put that formula together called Eternity. Eternity is a blend of Resveratrol, quercetin, catechins and polyphenols, names you probably never heard before but together they do it all. Sisel is a massive manufacturing company, but I’ve never seen anything with the power of resveratrol and in Eternity we have made it as good as it can be made. This is probably the product you’ve been looking for all of your life only you just couldn’t get your hands on it. Now you can. You need to get a hold of a Sisel representative and for the price of a can of soda pop you can imagine, you can have all these spectacular benefits. The potential lies right within the bottle itself. Just get a hold of it, start to take it and see if the results aren’t self-evident for you. And you know what? If you’re looking for a business opportunity, we need representatives because this company is exploding and the sales of Eternity are going right through the roof. So if you want a great business opportunity and you want these great health benefits too, contact the person that gave this to you or get a hold of Sisel [5:20 quick?] and we’ll have a representative get a hold of you.

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