A powerful formula that combats eye bags, puffiness and wrinkles: Vanquish

When it comes to women’s beauty when do you break the “less is more” rule? Sisel International introduces a powerful formula that combats eye bags, puffiness and wrinkles, Vanquish is the Rule Breaker.


The 14 active ingredients that combats eye bags, puffiness and wrinkles, in Sisel’s Vanquish:


  1. Artemisia Abrotanum extract — re-plumping support for lipids in the skin from moisture control, soothing and providing a cosmetic lipofilling of wrinkled, sagging eye bags for more resistant, elastic and firming of the skinArtemisia abrotanum
  2. Retinopeptide — arguably the most powerful recently discovered peptide complex to greatly diminish the appearance of skin discoloration, sunspots, fine lines and wrinkles. Intensely supports the skin barrier and moisture retention of skin, hyaluronic acid, collagen for a renewed look of youthfulness and vitality.Retinopeptide
  3. Allantoin — soothing, anti-irritant, exfoliator, softening and protecting agent for skin. Moisturizing and barrier agent for supporting natural healing and regeneration processes going on within the skin against irritation, drying out and inflammation.Allatoin
  4. Paeonia Albiflora root extract — re- plumping of skin by deeply replenishing lipids on the skin. Counteracts sagging and integrity of skin by restoring special lipid oils to the skin. Facial volumes and features appear to be harmonized with a youthful look as it attenuates the visible signs of aging.Paeonia albiflora
  5. Avena Sative kernel extract — supports a more firm, smoother, toned looking skin providing a 3 dimensional configuration. Absorbs onto the Stratum Corneum and forms a viscoelastic, cohesive biological matrix on the skin to hold the improved sculpture look of eye bags and sagging skin.Avena sativa
  6. Lavandula Stoechas extract — absorb deeply into the skin to revitalize and soften folds, perioral lines, smile lines and frown lines. Aggressively satiates forehead lines, crow’s feet and nasal and oral folds in the aged looking skin to enhance the vitality and youthfulness of refreshed skin. Especially effect in alleviating expression lines and appearance problems of recurrent muscular contractions exacerbating the look of older skin to one of greatly reducing the premature aging look to one for blossoming a new smooth looking sparkling skin.Lavandula stoechas
  7. Mentha Piperita extract — a well-being wave for sensitive skin suffering from rough treatment from harmful environmental factors. Strong anti-inflammatory properties to calm and smooth mottled, discolored skin and sensitivity.Mentha piperita
  8. Dictyopteris Membranacea extract — volumizing appearing effect for the unsightly appearance of deep winkles, dark circles, to support a volume boosting moisturizing and lipid enhancing affect. Containing a wide variety of enzymes and rich in plan pheromones lipids on the skin rapidly absorb and volumize the appearance of sunken eyes and discoloration too.Dictyopteris membranace
  9. Phytosteryl Isostearate — a phystosterol and isostearic acid plays an important role in maintaining the healthy look and feel of membrane structures by having a structure similar to cholesterol, which makes up skin. Supports barrier membrane to protect against external environmental factors.Phytosteryl Isostearate
  10. Tetrahexyldecyl Ascobate — powerful new Vitamin C complex with unique properties as an antioxidant, supporting an remarkable improvement in the appearance of skin lightening, discoloration and the pigmentation effect that aged skin often has, especially around the eyes and eye bags. Rated over 50 times more powerful than ascorbic acid.Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate
  11. Buckwheat Wax extracts of polygonum fagopyrum seed,  phytosterol oils and triglycerides — extremely powerful support against puffiness in eye bags.Polygonum fagopyrum
  12. Strelitzia Nicolai seed Aril extract — restores luminosity in skin, promoting even skin tone, fights the age appearance of under eye dark circles, eye puffiness, skin imperfects as it recaptures the skins youthful vitality.Strelitzia nicolai
  13. Palmitoyl Tripeptide-38  — In combination with Retinopeptide, Sisel believes this is the most powerful combination of peptide complexes ever developed in the skin care industry. With its immense power supporting the skin for relief and smoothing the appearance of wrinkles even when deeply caverned, particularly on the forehead, crow’s feet, by containing 6 major constituents of the skin matrix from collagen 1, 111, 1V, fibronectin, hyaluronic acid and laminin 5.  This array of powerful ingredients in combination when applied to the skin makes its youthful appearance and luminousity rebound for a look and feel of vitality and energy you may have thought was lost forever.Palmitoyl-Tripeptide_eye_bags_wrinkles_fine_lines_anti_aging_vanquish_sisel_international_sisel_australia_distributor_toxin_free_products
  14. Phoenix Dactylifera seed extract — powerful appearance support to greatly improve the unsightly dark circles, skin discoloration and rosacea so often found in skin. With continued use they seem to disappear with a youthful response in appearance as it ameliorates the aged unsightly look of skin around the, forehead, eyes and eye bags.Phoenix-dactylifera_eye_bags_wrinkles_fine_lines_anti_aging_vanquish_sisel_international_sisel_australia_distributor_toxin_free_productsReference https://blog.siselinternational.com/sisel-international-introduces-the-rule-breaker-vanquish/ By Leisel Mower|April 26th, 2016|

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