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Quality Supplement Manufacturing – Sisel Supplements with Tom Mower Jr

Quality Supplement Manufacturing with Tom Mower Jr.

When it comes to quality supplement manufacturing Tom Mower Jr has the answers. He is the Son of Tom Mower Sr. He is the co-founder, and product formulator for Sisel International and works alongside his Father. This week we spoke to Tom Mower Jr. He shared how he got involved in Sisel and explained the difference between Sisel supplements compared to others. What makes quality supplement manufacturing?

The beginnings for Tom Mower Jr

Let me go back first. Going back to the 60s and 70s, I grew up on a seventy-five-acre farm and we grew 90% of what we ate and consumed. We grew it organically and without pesticides and boy, the flavor was great. The nutrition was great.

But on the opposite, on the other side, unhealthy side, we had a small industrial chemical business and we were making floor waxes and degreasers and extremely caustic compounds. Oven cleaners and in high acid concentration for removing the scale in tubs and tiles.

Anyway, I was exposed at both ends of the spectrum extremely healthy eating and lifestyle but on the other side, I was making chemicals with my father since I was about 11 or 12 years old.

Fast forward into the 80s. All of a sudden science is starting to really come of age and identify many of the compounds that we use. But they were detrimental to our health at that point. We became aware that many of the things that we were involved in were very unhealthy to us.

At that point, we looked at the hair shampoos the things that we were using every day. We thought we can make it better? And we did it. Just for our family and for our friends.

That’s really where Sisel philosophy is at, the foundation for what we started in the early days. We had lawsuits from the big multi-million dollar and billion-dollar companies saying “don’t say parabens are bad”, “don’t say propylene glycol is bad”,  “don’t talk about sodium lauryl sulfate, or fluoride” all of those different things. 

Formaldehyde donors,  preservatives and pesticides and all, we don’t use those in our products. 

People wanted safe toxin free products

People wanted these products and that’s really what brought us into the business of doing this. So with that background and that foundation obviously my interest was into the chemistry and biologically.

I went on to the University of Utah and there I  received my degree in human biology and minored in chemistry and then actually animal biology. I took my degrees in biology and chemistry because I really found it fascinating how things work. 

Everything from physics, gravitational polders how they interact in the chemistry and how you combine basic elements to form different modalities that have different effects. How does that work in biology? How do we get these unique keys? .. that fit these unique locks and open them up.

Quality Supplement Manufacturing – What is different about Sisel Supplements?

So to your question – what makes Quality Supplement Manufacturing – why is one form better than another?

Years ago, I went down to a facility about four and a half hours from here they were producing 48 percent of all the calcium that were in supplements. When you go into the big retailers and you buy calcium. They have a road spur and they were bringing in railroad cars full of oyster and clam shells. Well, that’s calcium carbonate. At that point, they really hadn’t heard much about how precipitate lead out of that. It’s high in lead. But what was the driving factor on the retail market? Cheap ingredients. 

The bioavailability scale of calcium carbonate being the least bioavailable calcium gluconate citrate, lactate. What’s the most bioavailable form? Calcium from milk. 

I mean it makes common sense it comes from a mammal to build skeletal, mother nature over hundreds of thousands of years has developed, you know, the most bioavailable form. So we use calcium in our Calcium k2 product because it’s the most bio available form.

Let’s say took one milligram of ours you would need 10 or 20 milligrams of calcium carbonate. So the retailers want calcium at the cheapest prices.

But at Sisel we want calcium that is bioavailable and also has the cofactors that are there to be part of that. So that our bodies will absorb that. The same is true with about every different vitamin and mineral that you have.

You can chelate them, you can get them from different sources but also the cofactors we know with calcium you must have; vitamin K you must have and vitamin D.

You must have the right balance with magnesium because even if the forms bioavailable if it doesn’t have the other support mechanisms your body will still not absorb it.

So every formulation that we create, we look at the biological form and function and what is necessitated to make that happen.

To listen to the rest of this talk by Tom Mower Jr and find out more about quality supplement manufacturing with Sisel, please listen to the recording below.

Sisel Supplements with Tom Mower Jr

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