Quest for eternal youth

Tom Mower’s quest for eternal youth started in 1988. Below is a transcript from one of his talks. It starts in 1988 when he first learnt about ingredient from China and their quest for immortality. Tom Mower is the Co-Founder, President and Chief Scientist of Sisel International.

Quest for Eternal Youth
The Quest for Eternal Youth started in 1988 for Tom and has lead to the creation of the Sisel AGE pill.

Tom’s Quest for Eternal Youth

It started with Life Enhancer.

If any of you were with me in Neways you know I had a product called Life Enhancer. It was an ancient formula from China.

It went clear back to the earth reference in the Yellow Emperor’s book which is written three thousand years before Christ and it went up through the Ming Dynasty Emperors.

When they excavated a tomb from the Ming Dynasty they had an even more sophisticated formulation. Of the ingredients that were there, that started a formula we had for Life Enhancer. They called it Shen Shen Bao. It means deep treasure but it was buried with the second emperor of the Ming Dynasty in his sarcophagus. He was a Taoist, they believe a lot. He really believed in the relationship between nature and the human body.

The goal was immortality of course. But anyway he had this formulation. The Chinese were so impressed and they haven’t excavated very many tombs.

It’s not like Egypt they have all been robbed and pillaged. They haven’t been to China. They have a different cultural society that really protects them and reveres them.

So there was this formulation that this emperor said was the best of all of them so they traced it back and they found out there were a couple of men using this formulation. As well as a couple of other things with it but primarily this and they lived to about, both of them, close to two hundred and fifty years.

That sounds like a lot and it was. The successor to the other one and so it made the Chinese belief about it. When I started this we are talking about 1988.

So when I started into this the Chinese were very impressed. I was just lucky I think the Lord blessed me and somebody come in and told me about it.

He had been to a shrine and he said this formulation is being tested on animals and its doubling the lifespan of all the animals were testing it on. Even older animals were going back more youthful. So he said Chinese doing a lot of big testing on it. I said yeah. But to me at that time my company was not really involved in nutrition.

I thought oh yeah ancient Chinese secret this magic formulation from China. But I thought of one thing it’s where logic and reason sometimes can overcome prejudice or bias. So whatever you hear emotionally I think we miss. I thought well you know, I thought the one thing about these people that had lived so long.

He lived to 239 years!

They were saying he lived 239 years and then the other one was well I forgot how to pronounce his name now but anyway he lived like 246 years.

So the last one died in 1939 and we have pictures I think. Maybe you’ve seen him and he went through lots of wives I guess. He didn’t want them on the formulation. I mean it was like 15 or 20 wives because he just outlived them.

I thought one thing. China is one country in the world that has never lost the information that they have accumulated since its beginning.

China preserved it’s secret formula

Now if you look at other countries the Roman Empire most of the information is lost. The Roman Empire was really bad that way, caught up into the nature of pillage and conquer to where they destroyed almost everything even burned the Great Library in Alexandria in Egypt.

Chinese medicine myself in my opinion I think most people would really look at it. It was far advanced standing in the world and it built upon it through all of these generations. So if you can imagine 5,000 years ago they wrote a book the yellow eye first book which was the compilation of all the natural medicines that they had developed up to that time.

That’s pretty significant and then it went through all of the periods of time with that and these Chinese herbalist physicians.

The Emperor’s didn’t seem to get this long lifespan.

But I think a lot of us think if you look at some things that happen here at history a lot of corruption a lot of death a lot of murders and overthrows.

I was impressed, they are having great results

It impressed me enough that I thought there’s gotta be something. You have got legitimate double-blind clinical testing going on and with that, they’re having great results.

I was able to get the formula. It hadn’t been ever put out into the Western world. So I was able to send somebody to China which at that time people just really couldn’t go to China.

But I had a Chinese connection he went and met with medicine works they call him and so he went to the hangzhou medicine works number two.

I got my hands on the formula

He talked with him about negotiating for that formula with me and they agreed to discuss it. So he got some product brought it back to me and now here I am. I have it in my hands.

I looked at it. At first, I wasn’t interested. I was in skincare and things and industrial chemicals and I thought I have a tough time believing it would work.

I used to think you got everything you needed from food

I was the kind of person that was thinking at that time you got all the things you needed from the food that you ate. While there is a lot things in the food and you wouldn’t survive without food.

Thinking back there in the 80s and so as I looked at this I looked at their studies and the studies were telling how it was working to the degree that they knew how to do it.

At that time the one thing they did say from the ancient record which they had validated with her testing particularly their animal testing. The most relevant was the human tests the fact is that says you have greatly increased stamina and you’re resistant to fatigue and being tired. You have more endurance, you sleep less and you will wake more refreshed.

The quest for eternal youth – I want more strength, stamina and to sleep less

Well I wasn’t so old in 1988 I’m still not so old I’m growing younger. But nonetheless I thought you know what if I had more strength and stamina didn’t fatigue as much and if I could sleep less and awake more refresh. So no matter what all the scientific information was within the studies that I had which had been translated english. I thought I want those things.

So when the products were brought back to me I started on them and I went about two weeks and then it was on me I started waking up two hours earlier at night and I had strength and stamina and endurance it was noticed and there was no placebo effect. I’m too analytical. I don’t have a placebo effect with it. So I was really quite surprised. So I just decided what I’m gonna do now is I’m going to conduct my own animal test so I gave some to my ex-wife.

She started taking it and after about two weeks. I will tell you I’d say we’re laying there in bed this is when we shared the same bed but I won’t go through all that stuff. But anyway we’re laying there pitch black and she could sleep in till 10:00 every morning and here I was waking up at 5:00 or 6:00 in the morning and I’d already sleep to eight or something like that. But it was about 5:00 or 6:00 in the morning pitch black and I was awake.

I was just laying there so I didn’t wake her because she would get upset at me for getting up so early all the time. From then on I just couldn’t sleep so I was laying there and suddenly out of the dark she says are you awake? Holy taleto it scared me so much. I jumped out of bed with it. I said yeah. She said I am too. It had built up within her the same thing that was happening to me. She went into that shorter sleep pattern, I was convinced. It put me on the road…… To the quest for eternal youth.

Extract from Tom Mowers Talk – The history and creation of the Sisel AGE Pill and double dosing.

Growing Younger – AGING Research with Tom Mower

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