Fabulous Weight Loss Results with Sisel Products

Fabulous results with Sisel Products shared on our weekly Weight Loss Motivation Check-in Call: (February 5, 2024)

Hello, Hi Katie, how are you doing? Hi, how are you?  Doing good, how are you? Good. Excellent! We got Carol on. Who’s on the iPad?

Julie, Robbie.

Okay. Great. I made it. I made it. Good on you. So, how’s everyone going? They’re doing well. Thank you, Katie. We’re doing well.

Okay, great. Let’s go around the circle because this is going to be a 10-minute call Weight Loss Motivation Call. Let’s do a check-in.

So, we had really good measurements for the weigh-in at the end of the month. So, congratulations to everyone who shared their weight.

Carol, how did you go this week?

Well, I’d been going really well every day. I was losing about 100 grams each day until yesterday. Yesterday was my birthday, and then when I got on the scales, I’m back to exactly where I was last week. So, I don’t know. I don’t know what happened. I can’t blame my birthday. I don’t know, but I’m exactly where I was last week with both weight and measurements. I think my scales might be a bit funny because I’ve been weighing myself every day and losing 100 grams each day. I was on a really good roll.

Okay, that’s, yeah, that’s okay. So, um, what did you eat on your birthday?

Oh, well, we went out today. Um, we just went out for morning tea today, but it was this morning before I went out that I weighed myself, and I hadn’t lost what I’d normally lose. And, uh, I did have French toast for breakfast that my daughter made. Um, what did we have for lunch? I think I just made a smoothie for lunch, and dinner, we had takeaway dinner, but I only ate half the size. So, it’s not like I overate. So, I don’t know what it was, but I had been doing the Supra Detox throughout the week as well. So, that would have been making me lose more each day. But last Friday, for some reason, I felt really achy, like really achy, to the extent that I didn’t go to my exercise class because I found since taking the Turn and Burn nighttime formula, it helps me get to sleep, which is good.

But, you know, I was waking up in the middle of the night. But I stopped taking Sisel Brain Vitality at night as well, and I cut down some of my age pill just to cut down the amount of supplements that I was taking. But I think cutting down on those was a bad thing. So, I added the Andy again with both the Age pill and the Sisel Brain Vitality, and my aches went away. I know. So, now I can, you know, exercise more, and I went to a chair Pilates class this morning. I started a group, and I know my abdominals are going to be quite sore tomorrow or the next day, and that’s wonderful. I’ve never done it before, so that’s good. I’m a lot more active than what I was, so that’s good. Great news. Good on you.

Okay, who else have we got? Well done, Carol. Thanks for sharing. Ian, how are you going?

I’m doing well, thanks, Katie. Pulling the belt another notch, so that’s good news. Keeping the weight steady, but I think it’s going down. What else is happening? Eating well, using a few different techniques. Mainly, because at the moment, I have trouble getting to sleep for various reasons, but so that’s not helping me at the moment, but I’m still on track. I’m still doing well with the weight. Yeah, now I’m just sort of, I think I’m looking forward to the end of the month where we can actually see what the results are. I’m still taking the Sisel products, like the Sisel Thin. Might have an intermix between that and the Sisel Turn and Burn, I’ll see how that goes. Still looking at getting the hardest part to remove or to use is the abdomen fat, which is the part where it gets deposited after you’ve done all the naughty things by eating all the bad foods and things. So, I think that’s going to take a little longer than I anticipated, but it’s moving. So, other than that, all’s going well. Katie, thank you for asking. Well done, fantastic.


Julie, how are you going?

Hello, everyone. Happy birthday, Carol. I’ve had an up-and-down week. I’ve had a very up-and-down week in regard to weight. Overall, I’ve lost 200 grams. So, it’s still a loss. A loss is a loss. What I found is I was plateauing, then I was losing, then I was putting it back on.

So, I found Katie’s post about what Dr. Curt said about plateau and the use of introduction of Sisel Body Shield and Fucoydon. So, I’m going to do that and see how that goes over the next week or two.

Okay, good. Good. Excellent. And who do we have on the iPad? Or Robbie?

Robbie. Okay. I’m going good. I’m out of pain. I think because I’ve lost four kilos and I’m out of pain with the Age pill. So, I’m feeling tremendous. Just want to lose down to my goal weight. Can’t wait. Fantastic. Well done. Motivated. Just walking every day, riding. Okay. Life got some great friends that I made up with. Okay. And you’ve got less pain, you said?

Definitely less pain. Don’t I, Carol? You do. I keep raving on to Carol about how I’m out of pain because I was in really bad pain, wasn’t I? You were. Yeah. So, I’ve been telling all my friends how I’m out of pain.

So, I’ve got to get some Age pill for my friend down the road. And we were talking to Julie today and we were telling her about the The AGE Pill how good it is. It’s great. Love it.

Every now and then, Katie, when I have friends come around and they complain about something, I open up. I give them a little sample of the Max Motion, spoon the powder into a spare bottle of something or other.

Fantastic to try. Oh, yeah. I’m a bit of a… I love my supplements. Love sharing. I said to Carol, I’d rather be broke and out of pain than be rich and be in pain. Less pain wins over than money. Sorry. Yeah, I agree. I wouldn’t mind making money, but you know, one day it might… if I put it out there. Put it out to the universe.

Okay, great. Well, that was a great call. Thanks, everyone, for sharing. Thanks for jumping on. Thank you. Good on you. Thanks for getting in. Thanks for the check-in.

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