Sisel Opportunity Meetings

Sisel Opportunity Meetings

12 May 2020. Posted by Katie Larking

Sisel Opportunity Meetings EVERY Tuesday

Sisel Opportunity Meetings EVERY Tuesday

Join us each each week. Sisel Opportunity Meetings every Tuesday Night from 7-7:30pm AEST (Melbourne, Syd, Brisbane Time). 5pm Perth time, 9pm New Zealand Time.

To Register your Interest please send me an email [email protected] or send me a text +61 422538801. International guests welcome. (countries we are open in).

At first Glance Sisel may look like a Health and Wellness company, But, we are not. Sisel is a Quality of Life and lifestyle Support Company.

Sisel is a company with a Mission, it’s called the Mower Mission. We inform, empower and educate people to make better health & lifestyle choices. The Mower mission started with the No harmful ingredients story and this story has become more important as time moves on. becomes more important as time moves on

Tom Mowers previous line of products were featured in the book Unreasonable risk: How to avoid cancer from cosmetics and personal care products. This book was compiled by Samuel Epstein the chairman of Cancer Prevention Coalition. This is how the trusted Sisel SAFE Brand came to be.

Sisel has fostered the most amazing and strongest friendships that you could ever imagine, amongst people from all walks of life and all across the globe. One family working together to better themselves, their health, prosperity, knowledge and for the community as a whole.

Find out more and discover the Sisel Opportunity today!

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