Sisel’s Eternity Formula improvement

Improved Eternity Formula. If it can be made better Tom Mower will do it!

If you notice any changes to the Eternity liquid it is due to new ingredients to improve it’s potency.

The liquid is clearer with less sediment in the bottom of the bottle. This is a good thing as Sisel have improved the formula by nano-sizing many of the ingredients for improved absorption rates reducing sediment found in the bottle. Sisel have also added pterostilbene to Eternity for added effectiveness.

Trust Sisel. Trust the Science.

About Pterostilbene


Pterostilbene is found in almonds,[2] various Vaccinium berries,[3] grape leaves and vines [1][4] and blueberries.[5][6]

While resveratrol is under research for its potential properties from consuming wine and other foods or beverages, pterostilbene is not found in wine.[7]

The possible biological effects of pterostilbene are being examined in basic research involving laboratory models of several disorders, including age-related cognitive decline.[8]

More about Pterostilbene


A Review of Pterostilbene Antioxidant Activity and Disease Modification

Sisel's Eternity Improved Formula

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Last Updated on March 27, 2023 by Katie Sisel Distributor