Lip Plumper Gloss

Lip Plumper Gloss….and its Sisel Safe…100% Non Toxic Product

Searching for a Non Toxic Lip Plumper Gloss? Siselin’ Lips and Hips Lip Glosses are the perfect safe alternative to many potentially harmful lip plumper gloss products on the market.

Toxic Free Luscious Lips…

As unbelievable as it sounds, we all weren’t born with luscious, lips.

Lip Plumper Gloss

Although Siselin’ Lips and Hips lip glosses contain several awesome lip-plumping ingredients to help you achieve that pouty pucker, there are also a few easy tricks we can use to plump up our lips and give them a fuller look. Using lip gloss will enhance your lips and make them appear smoother and more defined.

But to really emphasize your lips, line your lips just outside of your natural line. Be careful to not overdue it and give yourself a cartoon look. Just go slightly outside your natural line — I guarantee you’ll be surprised at how much fuller and plumper your lips will appear.

Practice makes perfect, but once you’ve mastered the tips above, you’ll have the luscious lips you’ve always desired.

By Leisel Mower|May 11th, 2016|General, Leisel’s Blog, Tips & Trends

Sisel's Lip Gloss 5 colours

Siseln Lips & Hips™ Lip Plumper Gloss (Green Apple Flavour)

Sisel’s Lip Plumber Gloss comes in the following colours (apple flavoured)

  • Pink
  • Honey
  • Magneta
  • Red
  • Clear

SiselN Lips and Hips is Sisels latest fun addition to the cosmetic line. This new lip gloss combines the latest in fragrance technology for weight loss support with the latest in lip plumping ingredients.

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