Glycation and the AGE Pill

Sisel’s newest product the AGE Pill has been wildly successful people love it. It’s been getting a lot of good reviews, we have a lot of good results. But with those good reviews and results come few questions.

Glycation and the AGE Pill

Q. Tom. One of those questions is about glycation which the AGE Pill specifically focuses on. So I was wondering if maybe you could help some of our distributors and some of our newcomers understand what is glycation.

Tom Mower:
“Yes. Thanks. I don’t want to get you buried in in these technical terms. Glycation is one of the three major things that causes aging and it happens throughout all the cells of your body.

Particularly in the stem cells itself, which really slows it down. As you get older it starts to accumulate rapidly especially in women after the age of 35. So you start seeing tremendous degeneration in skin quality because of rapid increases in glycation.

Glycation is simply this, it’s from glucose or sugar and it combines with the protein. When that happens it starts to put a film over the surfaces over the proteins and things like this. Then it makes the elastin in the skin and arteries and veins all inflexible so that the structures don’t function the way they should.

You might even think of it like this. Putting saran wrap around something. It prevents the biological processes from going on and it starts to decay the system itself.

So just think of it. If you took less sugar that would certainly help you because that’s where it comes from. All types of sugar. Then if you had a factor that could overcome glycation then you’ve got a major step in the right direction in aging.”

Glycation and women’s skin

glycation and the age pill
The first thing that starts to show the signs of aging is the skin. A major contributing factor to aging skin is Glycation. The AGE Pill works to support the body to remove glycation.

Q. You mentioned 35 is kind of when women can notice glycation kicking butt. Is that kind of a standard age for most people. When does glycation start?

Tom: “ It starts from the beginning but it gets to a certain point when when a woman hits about 23 years old she peaks.

That’s about the average age and then at 35 she’s down probably 15% less of what she was.

Because she gets more sun and the skin is thinner she has a much greater propensity to have damage from glycation.

So woman up to about 35 you say well they looked pretty darn good and then suddenly from 35 to 45 there’s a dramatic change. This is because there’s a rapid increase in glycation and that browning that oxidation that rigidness that happens where the skin starts so loses flexibility. This takes place and this is one thing that is very bad especially for women is glycation. It replaces moisture so you start to dehydrate. Your skin starts to go down as well as joints eyes all of those types of things.”

Q. Now a lot of those things that you just mentioned those don’t sound very great for the body. Glycation seems like it’s something we should all be worried about. Is it something we should all take note of in our lives? Is it something we should all be focused on? Something we should try to act on?

Should everybody be worried about glycation?

Tom Mower: “Yeah everybody should because glycation is the basis of the stem cell that is inhibiting it from functioning. It’s filming it, its causing degradation affecting biological processes and it’s one of the three major causes of Aging. So it starts in the stem cell. Every part of our body is
created from stem cells so you should cut back on sugars dramatically. That includes anything sucrose, glucose, fructose any of those things. Cut back. Because less glucose means less glycation.

But then you can add compounds like we have in the AGE pill. They go in and they interfere with the reactions the chemical reactions taking place in the cell.

So you don’t form the glycation and they can also help the cells with their own natural process to remove it.”

What else can you do to address aging?

Q. Awesome Tom. So the AGE Pill was designed to help with that. I mean what else can we do? You mentioned to kind of cut back on sugar so we’ve got the AGE pill. We’ve got to cut back on sugars. What can we do? How can we adjust our lifestyles to help reduce the amount of glycation to help our bodies kind of regain their youth?

Tom Mower: “Well you know there’s three things. Aging is not a disease. Simply decay and degeneration so if we can end the decay, and we can regenerate more cells than were losing. What do we do? We grow younger with it. That is the theory.

If you say yeah this is a cell and this cell has all kinds of components in it. It is like a little factory and suddenly they start getting filmed up. The nutrients come in. As the nutrients come in they’re making products or new cells going out.

But everything that goes in the cell doesn’t go out. You build up a cellular sludge called lipo fusion and that is just like your oil in your car in your crankcase.

It gets all sludgy and if you don’t change it, your motor breaks down. It is the same thing. You build up with this lipofusion. So that’s the next thing you have to address. We have gone after that with the Age pill too.

Enzymes normally break it down but as you get glycation it’s filming the surfaces. Things aren’t functioning well so you can put ingredients. Natural ingredients from foods, superfoods. It is very technically advanced. Put them in they can create more or less enzymes. Drain the sludge. Prevent the glycation. Remove the glycation and you have two of the three steps done.”

The AGE Pill and Energy

Q. Okay Tom now I get it now I understand why people are excited about the AGE Pill. I understand why it helps with those two major parts of aging but we’re also getting a lot of reviews. A lot of excitement. Testimonials about a massive boost in energy. Where is that coming from?

Tom: “Well that even surprised me a little bit. But it said in the studies said he energy was increased tremendously and it really comes down to this basic principle.

age pill and energy
The AGE Pill provides a tremendous amount of energy but supporting the process of creating electrical energy in the body

When a child is young they don’t have any lipofuscin they don’t have any glycation within. If you look at it like it’s a gas pedal a gas pedal, like a young child it’s all the way down.

The whole of energy but is that starts occurring over a period of lifetime. The glycation and that lipo fusion starts to slow it down. So here we sit now we come along we can remove the glycation. If we remove the lipo fusion and suddenly the pedal goes to the metal. You’re off full of energy. Strength and stamina feeling like you did when you were ten. Maybe twenty, maybe thirty years before.”

Awesome well there you have it that’s why the Aged pill is such a great part of your lifestyle.

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