Tom Mower Jr A Message of Hope for a Brighter Future

Tom Mower Jr | A Message of Hope for a Brighter Future

Tom Mower Jr Message of Hope

Tom Mower Jr Brings a Message of Hope

7 April 2020. Posted By Katie Larking

Greetings Amazing Sisel Distributors,

These certainly are unique times. Indeed, there is much to be concerned about. As friends, we share your concerns and your hopes for a brighter future. Let me take a minute to offer some perspective and to remind us all why now is the best time ever to be with Sisel.

We are perfectly positioned for this moment as a science-based, health and wellness company. People across the world are looking for products to provide greater support against potential threats. And we have them!

We are perfectly positioned as a business opportunity people need now more than ever. With the markets in turmoil, the economy on unstable ground, and businesses closing doors and laying off workers, people are looking for recession-resistant income. And we have it! What other business pays you eight different ways for simply sharing products people are already looking for? Starting a Sisel business is easy, inexpensive, doesn’t require you to carry inventory, or to maintain a brick and mortar location with employees and other expenses.

With so much uncertainty out there, we are grateful that Sisel is:
– not only stable but experiencing record-setting growth
– driven by a passion for science and health
– powered by a dynamic compensation plan
– and promoted by the best Distributors

We will all be successful as we look out for each other. Thanks for all that you do.

Tom Mower Jr.
CEO of Sisel

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