Varicose Veins – How Sisel Products can help…

Varicose veins are dilated, superficial veins which have widened to a degree where the valves within them do not close properly to prevent blood flowing away from the heart. The condition is experienced in some 50% of middle-aged adults and is believed to be due to weaknesses which develop in the vein walls which cause the vein to lose its elasticity and dilate.

People who stand for long periods of time are at risk, since gravity builds pressure within the veins, causing them to dilate. The cusps of the valves within veins now do not close properly, causing the vein to fill with back-flowing blood, leading to the unsightly condition.

Varicose veins do not usually occur in cultures who consume high-fibre, unrefined foods and exercise regularly — they are a peculiarly western phenomenon where diets are fibre-poor and heavily processed and people exercise sporadically. Low-fibre diets produce straining during defecation, increasing pressure in the abdomen, causing a weakening and dilation of the superficial veins in the legs, leading to varicose veins and haemorrhoids. Traditional treatments include removing the offending veins and the wearing of elastic stockings. Varicose veins may also appear in pregnancy, due again to increased pressure in the abdomen, once again dilating veins. However, these usually clear up in the weeks following delivery before any more permanent weakness can develop in the vein walls, so long as an appropriate exercise and diet regimen is maintained.

Blood pooling in superficial veins causes them to bulge and curl beneath the skin. Sometimes, patients have ‘tired’ legs, which ache or itch. Sometimes there is no pain at all.

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The regimen described below is designed to increase fibre intake, increase exercise and oxygenation and provide key nutrients which assist in repairing, strengthening and providing suitable elasticity to the vein walls.
– DIET: COMMENCE THE FOOD FOR THOUGHT LIFESTYLE REGIMEN: Ensure that 90% of the food you eat is plant-based and organic (very important). Pay special attention to high-fibre foods that will aid peristalsis. Also, increase intakes of foods such as blackberries, cherries, blueberries ([pro]anthocyanidins), as well as garlic, onions, cayenne pepper and other circulatory stimulants

– DIET: Increase plant fats such as olive, avocado, coconut, seeds, nuts, etc.
– DIET: Ensure 80% of the food you eat is consumed raw to preserve nutrients
– RESTORE NUTRIENT BALANCE eat well dietary supplements may only be of assistance if your diet is adequate.

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– EXERCISE: A regular form of low-impact exercise and weight training will stimulate pooled blood back into circulation. Daily!

– TIPS: Avoid standing still for long periods of time

– Avoid overweight or obesity

– REST: Maximise melatonin production and boost immunity by reviewing sleeping and lighting arrangements

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