Why use Sisel Transfusium?

Why use Sisel Transfusium - by Katie Larking Btoxicfree
Sisel Transfusium has 24 active ingredients.
Why use Sisel Transfusium – By Katie Larking Sisel International Distributor

Why use Sisel Transfusium?

29 December 2019. By Katie Larking

Video Transcript:

“Hello and welcome thank you for watching this short video so today I want to talk to you about a really great product that I absolutely love which is called Transfusium. Anti Aging Face Serum. It is made by Sisel International.

I just want to talk through just a little background about the damage that accumulates to skin. The sort of things that happen to the skin and how this Transfusium that may actually get the results you’re after.

Skin Damage in the 20s

Obviously, when we’re younger in our 20s we start to accumulate damage to our skin. We may even smoke or drink or maybe be out in the sun quite a bit. So toxins start to build up and that damage really sucks begin at an early age.

Skin Damage in the 30s

By the time we’re in the thirties collagen production actually slows down a little bit. More toxins accumulate we’ll have more free radical damage and you know fine lines might actually start to appear in the thirties.

Skin Damage in the 40s

By the time we’re 40 collagen really starts to slow down. Skin is much more easily damaged this is something I have certainly noticed. You may be more prone to sunspots, broken capillaries those sorts of things. Hydration starts to reduce. The skin is less firm; elasticity of the skin reduces. Skin may appear more dry and thin.

Skin Damage in the 50s

That will obviously continue on further into our 50s and so on.

UV Damage and Aging

But the one thing, one tip to remember don’t understate how much damage UV light does to our face, the skin on the face. So it is really important, my suggestion is don’t put your face in the sun.

Wear a hat and sunscreen, non-toxic safe sunscreen. UV light damages the skin it breaks down the collagen and the connections in the skin. This makes the skin much more prone to wrinkling, sun spots, hyperpigmentation and all the things that you’re probably trying to avoid. Ref.

So definitely wear that hat and that sunscreen ladies, I recommend it.

24 Active Ingredients in Transfusium

The other thing is that this particular (Transfusium) has is 24 active ingredients. The reason we have 24 ingredients in this product is that each ingredient goes to work to address different issues. So you can’t use one ingredient to try to lessen the appearance of wrinkles or address elasticity loss or collagen. You need different ingredients.

So we’ve got 24 active ingredients in Transfusium. Each ingredient goes to work on different things in the skin some of the ingredients help to lessen the appearance of dull skin, some help to firm and plump the skin, some help to hydrate the skin help and others to reduce the appearance of fine lines. So all these things are really important when we want to get an overall effect on our skin. Also some ingredients work better on some people than others.

Transfusium contains no harmful ingredients

Now the great thing that I love about Transfusium is it doesn’t have any harmful ingredients in it. You can be rest assured that you’re not putting any nasty toxins on your skin so they are not getting to your body.

If you are using a cream that’s got ingredients that are potentially harmful they do get into your bloodstream pretty quickly in about 26 seconds they can get into the body.

So we don’t want to use any nasty ingredients and that’s one thing I love about the Sisel Transfusium it is safe as well as being highly effective so we really have the best of science and nature combined together for an effective safe product.

Sisel Transfusium December 2019 Special

We are really fortunate this month we’re having a Sisel Transfusium special this month. If you do buy a jar of Transfusium you can only get a Free bottle of the Skin Du Mist which is fantastic for hydrating the skin or you can get Actify6000 which is our day cream instead. If you purchase Transfusium and Rapid Repair Night Cream you can get a free Actifiy6000 and SkinDu Mist. This is running for the month of December 2019. It finishes at the end of December.

If you are going to go ahead and try Sisel skincare which I highly recommend definitely get the cleanser as well because you don’t want to be using these products with some nasty cleanser with potentially toxic ingredients in it. It will counteract the benefit of Sisel Products.

Sisel Skin Care Regime

So purchase our cleanser as well and use the full step of five-step program so I’ll post a link to the brochure below if you’re interested to have a look at the skincare program. I hope you enjoy this video thanks for watching.”

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