The Art of Dying Well … A Good End of Your Life

The Art of Dying Well - Tom Mower
The Art of Dying Well – By Tom Mower

11 December 2019. By Tom Mower, shared by Katie Larking

The Art of Dying Well

“There are now: Obvious facts of aging, obvious facts of growing young, living longer, ending aging.

To most people, they are unknown or science fiction at best. But… In the eye of science, this ancient vision is now an undeniable fact.

For most of our lives, we work hard, reaching for success, until we are faced with retirement. If you retire at age 65, you may think you have about 10-15 or more years to enjoy your life.

But what if you had more time?

What if you had another 40 or 50 or 75 years to live? … Would it make a difference in how you lived?

It’s absolutely, irrefutable, that you can extend your life way beyond what most of us have accepted as our chronological age limit, even up to 120-150 years. But the real question is, can we have not only a long life, but also a fulfilling one?

If you could, would it make a difference in how you lived and what you did to live this way? There is a way but it requires you to understand that you have a biological age that can be radically different than your chronological age. All it takes is change…to Change It!

It all starts with the power of choice, a practice of self-reliance, passion, dedication, persistence and most importantly, a greater sense of your ultimate purpose.

Current research on longevity and fulfillment, Sisel can potentially show how to live fully at any age, with great health, prosperity, happiness … and…. without regrets.

120-150 year life

Would you make the necessary changes in your life that would make a 120-150 year life, full of vitality, passion, and purpose truly

Consider this… if the normal length of your lifespan was doubled or tripled & your health and physical condition remained the same as it is not or … much better; would you really honestly do what it takes to make this happen?

For example, if you were 50 years old and had a chronological lifespan of another 35 years in deteriorating aging and could expand it by double that would mean you would live at a younger biological age to reach 120 years old. If you were 40 it would be 130 years old.

Excitingly with the onslaught of research and discoveries, even that great increase in biological health could be extended even more so. To say we are on the Road to Immortality is now a given. We are on that road and driving down it but soon Sisel and you, will be flying down it.

Will you become immortal? I don’t believe so for that is in the next life to do. However, the worlds leading consortium of longevity, life extension scientists, now predict that by 2045 immortality will be achieved for anyone born after that date.

So in my opinion: if the ancients lived 500-1,000 years, if there are creatures in our oceans that are 1 billion years old and absolutely immortal, we can board that freight train and fly along the Road to Immortality, seeing how far we can get and how well we live it, with the great opportunity that Sisel offers

Let’s think about our age as biological, not chronological for those that follow it, 120 may be the new 60 and 150 the new 75.

This past year many are much older but a number, found within Sisel, have grown much younger.

For Incredibly Good Health, Fantastic Potential Wealth, an Abundance of Happiness, Sisel could well be the very vehicle to get you there.”

Tom Mower shared this post (The Art of Dying Well) on MeWe, he is the Cofounder and President of Sisel International. He is also the chief scientist and product formulator along with his Son Tom Mower Jr and a team of PhD scientists of Sisel International.

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