Younger Looking Skin

The quest for younger looking skin

Younger looking skin, that is wrinkle free is desired by nearly all women and certainly many men.

The ancient practice of bathing in springs and mineral waters is one way people try to obtain younger looking skin.

Many conventional practices of lotions, creams and oils are used to slow aging of the skin. However some have negative side effects. There are many ingredients found in skin care that give an immediate glow to the skin however are in fact accelerating the aging effects of the skin.

For example, a study found that continuous skin exposure to sodium laureth sulfate could cause mild to moderate irritation in animals. So this is one of the potential nasty ingredients to avoid and there are many others.

Bathing in Hydrogen Water

Younger Looking Skin with a Hydrogen Water Bath
We have heard about the myth of healing waters from ancient times. These waters claim to have massive health benefits. Could it be they contain hydrogen?

On the other hand, bathing in specific waters that have reductive properties seems to have great therapeutic application.

One study tested a mineral water with reductive characteristics (most likely due to dissolved molecular hydrogen) and a prepared water containing molecular hydrogen. The results indicated that bathing in both of these waters had the potential to slow the effects of aging of the skin.

Significant improvements in skin wrinkles was shown for subjects who bathed in hydrogen water for three months, according to another study.

Skin Elasticity, Collagen and Wrinkles

In addition, bathing in hydrogen water also improved skin elasticity.

Skin that snaps back quickly always looks more youthful.

Hydrogen water has been shown to be very beneficial for UV induced skin cell damage too. One study showed that Type-1 collagen was synthesized about two-fold more in the cells treated with hydrogen water. It also provided support to DNA, protecting it from damage.

The authors concluded that hydrogen water might serve as a daily skin care to repress UVA-induced skin damage by scavenging free radicals and promoting type-1 collagen synthesis.

Finally all the research strongly indicates that hydrogen has great benefits for the skin.

The above information references many independent studies on hydrogen water shared by the Hydrogen Institute.

Younger looking skin with Sisel’s H2 Stix

Recently Sisel International released a product called the H2 Stix. Whilst no studies have been done on this product we do know that it contains high levels of hydrogen (when mixed as per instructions) relative to other products. Up to 18 parts per million. Not only that, it is already receiving incredible testimonials.

Below Melanie shares her experience with the H2 Stix and massive skin improvements. She loves her younger looking skin.

Melanie Ward “Three applications of Diatomic Hydrogen water! Can you see the power of this product?? I am so happy I could pee myself!!!”

Tom Mower, Co-Founder of Sisel International Shares:

“I am going to take a diatomic hydrogen bath tonight. This time I am going to increase it from 6 H2 STIX hydrogen sachets to 10 so I can see the difference. I am somewhat wary of doing it for fear I may feel so good and re-energized so much that getting to sleep might be difficult.”

Tom Mower loves bathing in Hydrogen Water so much he is going to release a Hydrogen Water Bath Bomb. Can wait for that!

Not only will it produce hydrogen, it will contain other ingredients that benefit your health and skin.

Thanks to Tom, we are continually receiving innovative cutting edge products, like the H2 Stix and the famous AGE Pill. Sisel International products provide immense support for overall health. This works by combining safe ingredients that bring the best of science and nature.

Last Updated on March 27, 2023 by Katie Sisel Distributor

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