Network Marketing

Do you frown upon Network Marketing?

Its true its not uncommon to get an eye roll or a frown when talking about Network Marketing.

Why is that?

Many Network Marketing companies have been connected to pyramid schemes. What’s important to note is that network marketing focuses equally on selling products and recruiting new salespeople.

This means it is offering legitimate ways for individuals to earn an income without recruiting new members. So it is not a pyramid scheme.

Compared to a franchise, network marketing requires minimal upfront costs and allows you to schedule your time flexibly.

However, even though you are often working with an established product, with access to the company’s promotional materials, it may be difficult to generate income if you do not have a lot of connections.

That being said if you are open to more MODERN ways of connecting with people online you can build a successful business online using social media platforms such as Facebook. This will only work if you are prepared to put in the effort and learn the skills needed.

Did you know Facebook has over 1.8 billion users? So in reality, you have unlimited opportunity to connect with new people.

Network Marketing. Millions of connections can be found on Facebook.
Many people don”t do network marketing because they say they don”t know enough people. Facebook has 1.8 billion users. In reality there are plenty of people to connect with through social media.

Network Marketing is now an accepted way of moving product from maker to end user. This is why some of the world largest manufacturing, telecommunication and financial companies employee Network Marketing as another way to distribute their products.

In an interview on the David Letterman show Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates said that if he were to choose any other business to be in, that would make him wealthy, it would be Network Marketing.

According to Robert T Kiyosaki business educator and author of the best seller Rich Dad Poor Dad, Network Marketing is the most cost effective business system for the average person to be in. They can start their own business and become highly successful without the large outlays of traditional business. More importantly, he regards Networkwork Marketing as a very achievable way for the average person create an ongoing stream of residual income.

So it seems many industry leaders agree it is a great industry to be in.

Looks look at current trends

The average person is working on a 40/40/40 plan. Forty hours a week, for 40 years for $40,000. Well now it is more like the 60/60/60 plan. 60 hours a week for 60 years for $60,000.

Here a few points to ponder:

  • A good education does not guarantee a job. (But yes education is still very important).
  • The days of working for one company all your life are gone
  • Nobody has job security these day
  • The size of company doesn’t make it infallible

Is it working for you?

Ask any 15 year old what they dream of having at 30. It won’t be a 10-year-old car and a mortgage up to their neck, scrimping and saving to make ends meet and dreaming of the exotic holidays they will never take.

Superannuation will most likely not give you enough income in your retirement. You need at least 20 years worth to enable you to enjoy those retirement years in the financial comfort. That’s if you retire at 65 and make sure you drop dead by 85. Well that sounds horrible planning your money to how long you think you might live or should live.

In a recent article a well responded financial analyst and writer said to retire on 54,000 per year would require 1.5 million earning you interest of 4% minimum after fees and charges. He goes on to say that the amount most people have at retirement is nowhere near this figure. He has this warning “Most people woefully underestimate how much money will be adequate for their needs in retirement”.

So maybe you should seriously consider network marketing. An income of $500 per month is definitely plausable with work, skills training and the right support team. For those who are ambiouse the sky’s the limit.

Do you know what the main reasons are for people not getting involved in network marketing:

  • They won’t step out of their comfort zone and prefer to go with the flow
  • Don’t believe it is possible for themselves
  • Finally, this is a big one, they are unwilling to accept that uneducated people may think less of them for doing it.

Is there another reason that is stopping people?

Let’s think about it. People recommend a good book or movie and if the person follows the recommendation they don’t get paid for it. So it seems everyone is doing it but not everyone is getting paid.

When I first got started with Sisel, I was definitely aware that the pension and superannuation were not going to cut it. At first, I became a Sisel Distributor just to earn free products. However, I loved the products and the mission so much I got started with the Sisel Business Opportunity.

Last Updated on March 27, 2023 by Katie Sisel Distributor