Diatomic Hydrogen Water is arguably the most significant break through in water chemistry history

Sisel’s “P-H2” – Diatomic Hydrogen water system is not an ordinary water filter, it is a water diatomic hydrogen generator capable of producing functional water.

According to SGS test, P-Hs water is also ozonated water which can completely kill E-coli, S-aureus, Candida albicans, Salmonella, and MRSA in 15 seconds, which is equal to 3000 times of chlorine based bactericidal. After sterilization, it reduces into oxygen and will not cause and environmental residual damage.

benefits of diatomic hydrogen water

Water accounts for more than 70% of body composition. Hence, good drinking diatomic hydrogen water gives you  significantly improved health. Diatomic hydrogen water has great antioxidant capacity directly from hydrogen. A glass of 200ml of diatomic hydrogen water is equivalent to 4.8 g of vitamin C or 100 lemons in terms of anti-oxidation capability. In addition, unlike many other anti-oxidants, hydrogen creates no by-products after drinking. Hydrogen water is the best anti-oxidant to help eliminate free radicals without leaving any by products to your body. It will reduce most free radicals to water. New diatomic hydrogen producing water system also removes chlorine and fluoride, as well as hormones,  pharmaceuticals, insecticides, herbicides and toxins.

Sisel's Hydrogen Water Filter

It loads the body with large amounts of oxygen and diatomic hydrogen which is anti-oxidant, toxin neutralizing, supports incredible levels of energy, cellular functions use it for enzymes, ATP and incredible health benefits. Look up diatomic hydrogen and see all that this miracle molecule can do.  Sisel’s system produces enormous amounts of it and Tom Mower believes it is the most significant break through in water chemistry history.

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