AGE Pill Dosage

AGE PIll Dosage. Questions about how many AGE Pill you should take.
How many AGE Pill should you take? Questions about AGE Pill Dosage.

AGE Pill Dosage Questions

Many people ask about “AGE Pill dosage”. Including myself. Well, yesterday we had the pleasure of talking with Tom Mower Sr. Chief Scientist and Founder of Sisel International.

We were able to ask him some questions about the AGE Pill and dosage. Specifically double dosing with the AGE PIll. What is the difference between taking a dose of 6 day vs 12 a day. Is it safe? How long can you take it?

Below is a transcript from the end of the call. If you enjoy this and want to hear the rest of this talk please use the link at the bottom of this post.

In this segment, I asked Tom Mower three questions about the AGE PIll dosage.

Tom’s final comments from his segment

“God has blessed me with the kind of mind that I can research and develop these kinds of things and just like one of you said early on the testimony your mission is to help people to make their lives better that is my mission in life. It’s not money, it’s not egotistical I get really a lot of happiness in making people’s lives become much better healthier happier and wealthier.

With all of that and that’s what I’m dedicated to doing. So I’m sitting here, without a note, you can see I’m talking I know so much about this I have a really god-given ability in mind to be able to understand this. To comprehend it put it together in a sequential thing where the total is greater than the sum of the parts.

That’s a lot of what I’m to explain to you today so my advice to you yeah double up with it [Referring to AGE Pill Dosage] and if you’re not on TSX or Brian Vitality you darn well ought to be. You got to be taking the Eternity and the Hydrogen H2 Stick.

With all those things that you need to get methyls so start eating dark green leafy vegetables, with every meal or get a methyl supplement and if you put all that together.

Or you can take all of this malarkey that I’ve been throwing your way and just pick out the bits and pieces that are singular a proponent of what you want to do you’ve got the answer right there in front of you now.

I know one thing I’m saying I explained a lot of it to you because I know you’re not naive you may not know but you have the desire to know.

I don’t want to sell products based on hype and hope. I want to be based on facts and reality and so that’s why I’ve gone far afield like what I have.  I wanted to give you all of these different facets and nuances of what the science is what it can really do so the within yourself within your heart of hearts you will realize that this is true and this is possible.

No other company on planet earth is approaching this at all the way that we are there’s bits and pieces here and there we’ve got the whole enchilada for you and we’re gonna be more and more on top of it as we progress as is found as we can do it so anyway that’s my long message so that I gave good today sorry I went so long .”

[Handing over to Katie Larking to ask a questions]

Ok great thankyou. That was just fabulous Tom, absolutely love this, and all the science.

Question 1: AGE Pill Dosage – Can we recommend a double dose?

Can we actually suggest to people to take a double dose even though the bottle says you know take 3 and 3 how do we word it, what do we say so we’re doing the right thing?

Tom Mower: “Here’s what I said early on its dose-dependent now our recommendation for a person is 3 and 3.

But because of a person’s biological other genetic makeup their environmental issues their age how far they’ve degenerated and those types of things that’s only a suggested number to go down doesn’t make much sense because these are synergic at that level to remove glycation and lipofuscin and increase and NAD.

If your biology is more adverse then you need to take more products because its dose dependent.”

Question 2: Is it safe?

Yeah great thank you the other question I have is you can read on the internet there’s a lot about niacin and it says that in high doses you know if I guess the question is, is it safe?  

I did read that Mercola said that niacin they’re talking about in studies that high dose was more in relation to this slow-release niacin but my understanding is ours is you know sort of fast release. Is there any concern with safety there? What would you say to people about that?

Tom Mower: “Well absolutely if you take a high dose of niacin it’s detrimental to you we don’t give you a high dose. Here’s the thing you remember niacin is nicotinic acid that’s what niacin is.

Okay. So we use some if you go above 30 milligrams then you’re starting you cross over at 30 milligrams it’s very helpful in producing NAD+ but it’s not the main driver but it is an important factor but vitamin b3 has a number of different types of varieties in it.

With that we use niacinamide and what that is is that’s nicotinic acid with and a amino acid an a mead on it. So what this does if you want to think of this kind of terms if you have niacin it’s nicotinic acid it’s an organic acid and on the pH scale here 7 is neutral below 7 is acid above 7 is base.

It goes from 1 to 14 on the scale so you get nicotinic acid and you’re getting down about three three and a half on the PH scale. So your acid your stomach is 1 to 2 in comparison and every time you change from one level the the power of it pH means power hydrogen atom whether it’s hydrogen is if it’s H+ it’s acid if it’s OHS base but anyway I won’t explain all that.

As you go down from seven to six it’s ten times greater then go to five it’s ten times 10 or 100 then thousand ten thousand and a hundred thousand then a million then ten million and you’re getting down in there so you have as you get more acidic.

You have and of course same thing happens on base when you go the other way but acidic is very reactionary and base is too if you really get from the higher levels but our body is essentially base.

We have an acid mantle outer skin but that’s not only from the steam that’s secreted from the skin that’s the actual skin cells and all the tissues in between to the rest of our body has a pH of average about seven point three eight.

So it’s just slightly base. Okay well if you take nicotinic acid there’s quite a reaction with the base which is on the other side of the pH scale so if you get a large amount, you get a large reaction and the bad thing about it causes a lot of vaso basal dilation.

If you get real high like that which can do damage but at 30 you want that dilation to make the blood vessels more reactive and flexible so it will carry more blood and open up the tissues to receive more nutrients.

Plus that it goes in,  just part of the process with tryptophan to create NAD with it. You know so we have tryptophan in our products you won’t see that anyone else’s product. So then you turn around you go to niacinamide there is no upper limit on niacinamide.

It has a pH of seven five so now you’re on the other end of the scale and because of that you don’t have any, you have no vasodilation and all with niacinamide because it’s base not acid.

Nicotinic acid with an amino acid complex and a mead  so it’s niacinamide and that’s where it is so we use large amounts of that. Now that is readily converted into NR, NMN if you can have ribose with it.

Companies tried to tie up the markets. Proctor and Gamble and they’ve developed Nicotinamide Riboside (NR) which you can easily produce but they developed NR and they have used the blueberry extract with it so they can have a patentable. It’s a different molecule now its a patent even though it’s got niacin ribose and the blueberry to bond with Pterostilbene.

But with that it’s it’s very subject to deterioration and breakdown and if you take niacinamide which has almost has no break down through the digestive system and if you take ribose which has virtually no breakdown.

Ribose is the energy molecule. If you take that there’s almost no break down in the system what happens is for the quantity you take you’ll produce a lot more NMN. Which is what NR is producing also and with more NMN you produce more NAD+.”

That’s great thank you very much.

Question 3: How long can you take it?

I guess the last question If people are asking how long can they keep taking and AGE Pill dosage of 12. If they feel they get a better result or they need it. Is that okay to keep taking as well it’s okay?

Tom Mower: “It’s ok forever. It’s like you know some things if you took too much calcium you’d have a problem. But really what you’re doing with this is how clean can the cell be okay it’s just clean and stays clean.

If you have more powering how much energy can it cell produce well there’s the thing called homeostasis A system in homeostasis means the maximum operational potential of a cell and so the closer you get to homeostasis the better you are for energy and repair and generation health and everything.

So by once you hit an ultimate level it doesn’t go beyond that because the cell is self-regulating. So with this you take a lot of it well you’ll hit homeostasis and that’s it you’re there so if you’re taking more okay more is better up to a point where you reach homeostasis then after that point there you want to find a balance.

Because it’s just a matter now not of biological damage but of economy of scale with that.”

Yeah, fantastic that’s the three main questions I had I really appreciate you taking the time to answer them thank you.

Tom Mower: “Oh you’re welcome.”

AGE Pill Dosage. Full in depth interview with Tom Mower Senior about taking the AGE Pill. HOw much should you take?

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