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age pill research
AGE Pil Research – An interesting story

AGE Pill Research

Tom Mower believes he has an edge on the AGE PIll Research. In his opinion, most scientists are researching and developing age reversal formulations that work within a very narrow field and don’t have much lateral thinking. 

His manufacturing plant (which he owns) gives him the edge in product development. He has nearly zero overheads and does not have to worry about paying dividends to shareholders. This allows him to put a lot of money in the AGE Pill research. The science and effectiveness of the AGE Pill formulation comes first, without conflict of interest. 

Furthermore, Tom continues to invest in research, development and formula upgrades. Fortunately for Sisel customers, the price of the AGE Pill has remained the same. 

In his opinion, Tom has the resources and manufacturing facility to produce a very high quality product at a lower cost, when compared to any other plant in the world.

When it all started….

Tom Mower has been researching AGE Reversal ingredients since he started his first company back in 1992 (Neways International). This has contributed to the AGE Pill Research. Back then he even obtained ingredients from China that were herbal medicines and treasures of the Chineses Emperor. Tom used these in his previous formulations with astounding results. The ingredients were found in the resurrection of the buried Emperor’s tomb. Tom was fortunate enough to make a deal with the Chinese government of the time. They allowed him to take some ingredients back to America however they would not tell him what they were. 

Chinese herbalists have stated that if you can remove the waste and toxins, and supply nutrients to enable the body to repair and restore you can live a great deal of time in a healthy state. 

With this philosophy in mind, Tom has used this as a basis for all his formulations. 

He knew this was possible back then and had seen the evidence of the Li Ching-Yuen, the man who lived for 256 years. He was a herbalist from China who is the longest (known) lived person. Records can at least confirm he made it to 197 years of age. 

The Power of the AGE PIll 

What does it take to get the results that you want with the ingredients that you’re using? This is a question Tom constantly revisits. 

He believes no one could compete with the power of the Sisel AGE PIll. What is unique about the AGE Pill Research is it is fueled by Tom’s passion, mission, and vision. 

Tom has a unique situation, he is very knowledgeable, he has a team of scientists, he owns his own manufacturing and research facility (that any scientist would dream of). Most important he has the drive, passion, resources, and money at his disposal to do it.

“I’m here to work for you and I’m here for evermore however long that is going to be but I’m going to try and make that a darn long time.” Tom Mower

AGE Pill History

The AGE Pill was first available in May 2017 in the United States. By August 2017 it was available in Australia. I purchased it straight away and started taking it. I haven’t looked back. 

The following months we started to see a stream of media content in the news and papers stating the fountain of youth has been discovered. The new anti aging pill.  These stories were highlighting the new research that had been discovered in AGE Reversal. Highlighting ingredients such as Nicotinamide Riboside: which is used to create NAD. (Tom uses Niacinamide and Ribose in a double covalent bond. In his opinion, it creates even more power).

Tom was already onto the science before it even hit the media. 

Where did the AGE Pill Research come from?

Tom Mower, AGE Pill formulator, Chief Sisel Scientist, Co-founder and President of Sisel International said in a previous talk that he “”picked up on some skimpy science, then solid science came out of Harvard Medical School followed up by sources and other places around the world to validate and verify.”

Tom knew the significance of the age pill research and has touted that it is the greatest discovery in human health (up until this date). The science was so effective that a large soap giant invested 250 million just to produce an ingredient. 

This science is so powerful and effective, NASA has been researching it and from what I have heard they plan to incorporate this technology in a drug to enable astronauts to safely travel to Mars. The ingredients show great promise to potentially protect against damage of radiation according to animal studies. Ref

The AGE Pill Research does not standstill. In fact, Tom Mower has upgraded and reformulated the AGE Pill 4 times since its release. Making it even more powerful.

Soon in Jan/Feb we will see version 5 of the AGE Pill. More powerful with new, updated ingredients to get more punch with jaw-dropping results. 

Who doesn’t want faster more dramatic AGE Pill results?

What is important about the AGE Pill research is it continues on. It evolves and improves because everyday research continues and breakthroughs in science are discovered. 

Most companies leave the formulations and don’t revisit them. This, my friend, is the main point of difference with Sisel Products, nothing stands still. It is continually evolving and improves. That is why I am writing this article and you are now reading it. 

So if you are asking why we can’t make claims on the AGE Pill. It is because to make a claim it would be considered as a drug. Drug claims cost billions of dollars and 10-15 years of testing before they are approved.

If we wait that long the science will be weak as something better will have superseded it. Heck, the age pill has already had improved ingredients added within months of it being released. 

Fortunately for us, Sisel keeps up-to-date with the breaking cutting edge science in age reversal and the Age pill. 

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