AGE Pill Instructions

AGE Pill Instructions – Usage Tips

Getting Started with the AGE Pill the right way

7 December 2019. By Katie Larking

I just wanted to share a really short video about three-minute AGE Pill Usage Tips Video. If you are wondering how to take the AGE Pill. How to get the most out of it then please watch this video. It could make the difference between you continuing to take the Sisel AGE Pill and get all the great benefits and stopping altogether.
Katie shares important AGE Pill tips and instructions to get the best results.

“Hi my name is Katie Larking. I’m just going to whip through a bunch of usage tips for the Age Pill. (AGE Pill Instructions for use).

So if you just bought this product congratulations you’ve made a great investment in your health.

So I want to run through a few things just to cover what is important to know about taking the AGE Pill.

AGE Pill Instructions

Tip 1.

Water intake is really important when taking the Age pill.

It is a water soluble, it contains water soluble vitamins, so it’s important to have a sufficient amount of water in your body so it can actually be broken down and absorbed. It is good to try and hit the recommended dosage of water a day that’s two liters a day and if you’re not reaching two liters then try, go for 1.5 at least. A big glass of water each time you take your age pill supplements.

Tip 2.

It is important to take your age pill supplements on an empty stomach, so 15 minutes before a meal with a big glass of water in the morning and then before dinner. You can even take them at bedtime we can assume that you’ve got no food in your stomach at that time. Or that it’s been digested. Again with plenty of water.

It is important to have it before a meal because it’s got an enteric coating. It is designed to be digested and broken down in the small intestine. 

We don’t want it getting caught up with food and breaking down in the stomach because it won’t be nearly as effective because stomach acid destroys the contents of the Age pill.

Tip 3.

Another important thing to note is that some people,  not all, do get a side effect called niacin flush. This is a very healthy thing. It can really help with opening up the capillaries and supporting the body to improve cholesterol levels and things like that. It is nothing to be alarmed about. 

If you do get it, you might feel hot,  your skin will go red you might feel itchy. It will only last about 15 minutes and it is related to the dosage. If you are taking six at once you are much more likely to get it than if you were taking say two or three tablets in one go. 

Nothing to be worried about. You can just reduce the dosage take them in lots of two and drink plenty of water. It doesn’t happen to everyone so just need to let you know about that.

Tip 4.

The other thing that sometimes occasionally happens is somebody might feel tired when taking the aged pill that is because they’re probably deficient in folate which is needed when we’re boosting our energy levels in the body with the AGE Pill. The way this supplement works, so if you do start feeling tired or have another question then please reach out to me and we can work through that.

The main way you can address that issue is to increase leafy greens in your diet so broccoli spinach even avocado helps to boost your folate levels. If you find that’s not sufficient then you would need to take a folate supplement it’s very inexpensive you could purchase that from the pharmacy but it needs to be folinic acid – activated B9. Get in touch with me if you have that issue. 

Benefits of Taking the AGE Pill

The other thing I’ll just mention there are many benefits to taking the Age pill. Myself, I have noticed improved sleep, better skin, more hair growth, healthier hair. Mood definitely, mood improved, so lots of great things that can happen. Thanks for trying it out.”

Thinking about taking the Sisel AGE Pill?

If you are still thinking about purchasing the AGE PIll you can access the link and pricing information here. Please email me and i can provide you with support to get the best results. [email protected]

Katie Larking is a Sisel Australia Distributor. Located in Melbourne Australia, she services AGE Pill customers across Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Europe, Taiwan, and the UK.

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