Why do we lose energy as we get older?

Why do we lose energy as we get older?
Why do lose energy as we get older ?

Why do we lose energy as we get older?

Did you know that once you reach 25 years of age you start to decline? For women its worse it is around 23 years of age. This decline will not be noticed until you reach your 30s or 40s or even 50s for some and can vary from person to person. However, the simple fact is you are at your genetic potential at 23-25 years of age.

After this age, you slowly begin to decline, and the older you get the faster it happens. 

Essentially you are now starting to accumulate damage at a faster rate than what your body can repair. This is part of the aging process. This is why we look and feel older as we age. 

Why do we lose energy as we get older?

Why do we lose energy as we get older? The cells that produce energy for your body are called mitochondria. These start to wear out and slow down as we age. NAD declines and so do our energy levels. Ref

NAD Levels Reduce with AGE - we do we lose energy as we get older ?
NAD Levels Reduce with AGE which reduces energy levels

A recent scientific discovery found how to boost mitochondria function and NAD levels in mice. So much so that mice were the equivalent of an 80 year old were able to return to the energy and health of a young mouse, equivalent to a 20 year old. 

So you might be asking how was that possible.

By using a precourse to NAD+. NAD is needed for energy, DNA repair, and healthy mitochondria function. 

Here are some ways to boost NAD+ levels.

  1. Take NAD+ supplements. NAD+ comes in capsules. The AGE Pill is a superior product not only does it contain ingredients that support the boost of NAD it also has ingredients that support cellular waste removal. (lipofuscin and glycation) this is important because cellular waste builds up as we age and slow down the energy production of cells. 
  2. Being in a state of ketosis has been shown to increase the NAD+ to NADH ratio. That being said eating a high fat, low protein, no-carb (very low carb) diet is very difficult to follow and maintain. In reality, this is not a long term solution. 
  3. Intermittent fasting has been shown to increase NAD levels in the body and provides many overall health benefits. 

Remember all of this may be a waste of time if you are not also considering your:

  • Diet
  • Weight
  • Water intake
  • Exercise levels
  • Sleep and 
  • Stress Levels


Diet plays a massive part. It can either enhance your biology or impede it. For most poor food choices that were made when younger can no longer be sustained as the person gets older. Simply because the body is starting to wear out and the impact of negative food choices is much greater on your body with more noticeable side effects. 


Being overweight can result in a reduction of energy, not to mention negatively impact movement and overall mobility. 

Water intake

Drinking water is also important for energy production. The body is 70% water and we use water to breakdown and carry nutrients for energy. The problem is as we get older we start to lose the ability to know when we are thirsty. This is one contributing factor to the problem. However, like with all healthy lifestyle choice, effort, consistency and discipline is required. 


Exercise. The old saying use or lose it, is so true. We need need to exercise to maintain muscle mass, cardiovascular fitness, and mobility. If we stop moving we will deteriorate and age much faster. Whilst this may seem counterintuitive, regular exercise is key to improving energy levels. 


Sleep is a big one. Not getting enough sleep will definitely impact your energy levels. It will also impede the body’s ability to repair cells as much of this occurs during our sleeping hours. 

Stress Levels

Stress Management and relaxation. Even if you are a person that finds it hard to meditate you can engage in other activities that put your body into a state of relaxation. Practicing mindfulness and exercising are two potential methods. 

Remember as we age you tire more quickly, however fatigue is not a natural part of aging. 

Why do we lose energy as we get older? If you are worried about this question then try the above lifestyle changes. Plus also consider taking a NAD booster and cellular cleansing product like the Sisel AGE Pill.

If you have a medical condition or are unwell please consult your doctor before taking Sisel supplements. 

Last Updated on March 27, 2023 by Katie Sisel Distributor

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