Alternatives to diet soda that is not water but has a lovely sweetness and best served cold

Looking for an alternative to Diet Soda that is not water but has a lovely sweetness and best served cold?

When the weather is hot, or you have a sweet craving or need a pick me up, there is nothing better than an ice cold sweet drink that boosts your energy. I must confess I LOVE a Diet Coke. Yes its full of aspartame which as a sweetener has many negative reviews and citric acid (which causes enamel erosion and diminished tooth size particularly with excessive consumption) as well as other chemicals that are best avoided.


Sure everything in moderation is fine and the occasional Diet Coke or Diet Soda is fine but if you love Diet Coke as much as I do and are concerned about the harmful chemicals or you are looking for a substitute to satisfy your sweet cravings, then keep reading.

My desire for a caffeine buzz combined with the sweet flavor is another reason I reach for an icey cold Diet Coke.

Many people drink coffee for the caffeine buzz. I have not acquired the taste for coffee and when really tried I may even purchase a Diet Red Bull or Diet V.

I managed to get off the Diet Coke for a while abut then I become bored with drinking plain water or sometimes I am so tired I have to reach for something to pick me.

Unless I’m re hydrating after a workout, there are times during the day when my taste buds find water unsatisfying.

Also I must admit I use Diet Coke to temporarily curb my appetite. My brain thinks great incoming sugar and then its about 20 minutes later my brain realizes it has been tricked and there is no such energy to be derived from the diet drink, however the caffeine in Diet Coke can wake me up a little bit and caffeine has been known to help curb an appetite.

I have also read that it’s not that great for insulin as the brain and therefore body responds as if its gets sugar even though its not however further research on this comment is needed. This can’t be that true otherwise diabetics would not drink diet drinks.

Some people say if you are that worried about artificial sweeteners drink normal Coke, however according to Diabetes Australia the worst thing for your kidneys aside from number one dehydration (not drinking enough water), is number two; sugary drinks. These are bad news for your kidneys not to mention your waist line (the unwanted calories in regular sugary drinks and Coke very quickly turns to fat if your don’t use the excess energy also drinking it in large amounts over time may result in diabetes/insulin resistance.)


UltraMaxx Energy Drink -kick start your Day Natural energy drink No harmful ingredients all natural great tasting alternative to soda

UltraMaxx Energy Drink -kick start your day with a natural energy drink – no harmful ingredients, all natural, great tasting alternative to soda or your pre work-out


Sweet Alternative to diet-coke and diet soft drink Sisel's FireNIceTea - Served cold tastes like Pomegranate and Mango

Sweet Alternative to diet-coke and diet soft drinks Sisel’s FireNIceTea – Served cold sweet tasting Pomegranate and Mango flavour


However, giving in to that alluring diet soda is not the only option. Other alternatives exist such as:.

  1. FirenIce Tea
  2. Sisel Splash
  3. UltraMaxx Energy Drink

Last Updated on March 27, 2023 by Katie Sisel Distributor

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