What Sisel Products can someone take for piles?

Katie: A friend recently had surgery and was on a lot of strong pain killers, this resulted in piles which Sisel products are best for assisting this condition?

Andy: Probably due to the pain killers causing constipation. Probiotics & Fucoydon should help.

Christy: Balance D and Fucoydon. I actually shared an article up last night that discussed gut health that talks about this issue.

Katie: Would .7 ounce 20ml serving twice a day of Fucoydon be enough to create soft stools when going to the toilet? I have heard people say when you increase dosage of Fucoydon it has that effect.

Christy: I am not sure of the amount however it has had that effect when increased. Doing the detox will help as well. It supports IBS and constipation used with Balance D and if needed take SupraDetox  as needed.


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