Best supplements for eye health

Best supplements for eye health
Best supplements for eye health. Tom, what do you recommend?

Best supplements for eye health

What are the best supplements for eye health? Recently, Tom Mower, Chief Sisel International Scientist shared some important information about the best supplements for eye health. Below is an extra from one of his recent talks (September 2019).

Sisel’s Vital Vision

“I’m writing something up on vision because of what a distributor said. People have no idea of vision and the ingredients that went into our vital vision product.

It’s primarily for the eyes but it also has some secondary things. If you listen closely  I’ll just give you an idea because everybody’s eyes deteriorate or deteriorate over time and it starts to really begin in your late 20s and by mid-40s even the shape of your eyes is changing.

That is why most people say “oh I’ve always had good vision I don’t wear glasses.”

Why is that, it’s because of biological processes within your body. It cannot maintain the round shape of your eye. So it sort of goes oval and collapses, that makes the light that comes through, where it registers on the retina it moves from the central spot it should be. It is registering further up it so you get blurred vision with that kind of thing.

Well, there are ingredients that you can take that can help maintain eye health. I have to say this thing very carefully because you can get into a drug claim real quick and it is not what the ingredient are. It is what you say it does. 

Your eyes shape is changing they also the other things happen with that, eye bags too. The eyes are very vulnerable so they have a bunch of pillows they’re made of fat that is all around the eye to cushion it. As you get older those are thought to start to diminish. The fluid starts coming out and they collapse down. That is where you get your eye bags. Right there from that.

It’s all part of the evolutionary process with it. By the time you are in your 50s, that’s when macular degeneration takes place. Deteriorating away. Cataracts or you get all those kinds of things and those are the two biggest causes of blindness, macular degeneration, and cataracts.

Can they be avoided, in my opinion, yeah I think they can. We are not going to prevent it but the body has the ability to do it if you give it the proper nutrients. So it can function right.

That makes sense. Doesn’t it. That is what we have done with this. 

As people get older you start seeing particles forming in their eyes and it becomes more cloudy. It also affects their vision with it.

But then even if you had 20/20 vision when you’re younger by the time you’re 40 or 50 you have had a lot of environmental damage. Think of this. UV light is one of the greatest damages to your skin and other things but it goes right into your eyes. 

So you have pigmentation in your eyes and as you see people are getting older they don’t have the bright clear color they did when they’re younger. Why? 

Be because it’s rusted away. It’s been oxidized by UV light. So that is happening now and so you have all of these accumulated damages that come and is building upon itself. Then get to a certain point you become aware of it.

Because changes are happening. So if you have 20/20 vision what should you do.

I’d say buy vital vision because you want to do everything you can to keep it just as good as possible. The other thing that is very important for eyes, if I was going to put together as a compliment, would be the Age pill.

Because stem cells are so important and this supports stem cells, building stem cells, maintaining them. Also helping your eyes to literally grow younger and the other is the Omegas oils. They say it fish oil but that’s only part of it.

Sisel SupraOmega Plus

Also, I have Supraomega Plus. Those three types of omega oils that are extremely good for your eyes. Well we know the AGE Pill, can come on in, it has a great effect for the eyes but it does for other parts of the body. 

The same thing with SupraOmega plus we have three different types of omegas in it. Some start from krill.

Krill fish don’t create omega oils algae grows and that has an omega oil then krill the shrimp feed on that and they create a different variety of omega-3 oils. Then fish feed on the krill and they create a different type of omega oils. But it all starts with algae. So which is the best well it depends on what it’s for.

Some things algae are 40 times better than either krill or fish oil. Then other things krill is 60 times better than either algae or fish oil. So if you put them all together what do you have a synergistic thing.

Then we have a lot of other things. As the eyes are deteriorating


There is a whole new science out there and there’s a couple of really key ingredients one of them is called AREDS (carotenoids).

They are special blends and they are so vital for the eyes so the eyes just gobble them up to keep itself healthy. Because of the time, I won’t go through all of that. But Areds, we have in ours, usually, you can’t find one that does and if you do find one. It is just AREADS and that’s incomplete.

So we have a lot of things in our vital vision to support lots of other functions too. Ref


Then we have a thing called Astaxanthin, and we have lutein those are very powerful, so this formula is extremely powerful. 

Astaxanthin also has another purpose it supports the activation of the longevity gene not just in your eyes but in other parts of the body, especially in the brain but also in the eyes. It is really great at it. With these kinds of things, you want to keep the pigment of your eyes good not just so they look good but preserve their functioning.

This whole formula goes in, it is designed to provide the nutrients that we believe the eyes need in order to maintain its health. With its own natural processes to keep that eye healthy and functioning the way, it should be.

Now by the time you are 80 if you’ve been on our products from when you had 20/20 vision what’s your vision going to be?

I can’t tell you, but I can tell you I believe it would be much much better. I won’t give you my advanced age, but I don’t wear glasses only if something is really teeny with it.

But at one time I was getting up to two and a half-power glasses, but that’s gone now. So you have those kinds of things so there’s one product, Vital Vision. ” (Transcript Tom Mower Sr, Chief Sisel Scientist and cofounder of Sisel International September 2019).

Best Supplements for eye health

In conclusion, the best supplements for eye health as recommended by Tom Mower are:

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