Fucoidan and Metabolic Syndrome

Fucoidan and Metabolic Syndrome
Fucoidan and Metabolic Syndrome

Fucoidan and Metabolic Syndrome

Fucoidan and Metabolic Syndrome. This article highlights the issues surrounding metabolic syndrome and how a natural supplement like fucoidan can provide strong support in the fight against metabolic syndrome, especially when coupled with healthy lifestyle. Not all fucoidans are the same.

What is Fucoidan?

Fucoidan (pronounced “foo-COY-don”) (FuCoyDun) is a natural compound that has been extensively researched for its incredible health benefits. Only about 5 years ago there were less than 50 studies. Now there are well over 1,500. Ref

Brown seaweed species naturally contain Fucoidan. There is plenty of research that has grabbed the attention of research surrounding its potential support for the body with advanced nutritional anti-cancer effect support with intensity.

Studies now suggest it can have a positive effect on supporting the body in the fight against conditions with metabolic syndrome.

Sisel produces a patented fucoidan extract. This extract is highly concentrated and sulfonated. Sisel believes it provides immense support in the body’s fight to control problems caused by metabolic syndrome.

Fucoidan actively supports a process known as “lipolysis.” Lipolysis is the process that removes excess triglycerides (fat deposits in the bloodstream). These can build up over time and contribute to the thickening of the artery walls. This then causes the slowing of blood flow as it is harder for blood to pass through and increases the chance of heart diseases and stroke.

Studies also link Fucoidan to LDL cholesterol levels. It can support the body to process and illuminate LDL cholesterol faster. LDL cholesterol also contributes to dangerous heart conditions with serious consequences if not managed and addressed.

By providing support to the body so it can stimulate lipolysis and eliminate excess cholesterol build-up, it seems FUCOIDAN can help people suffering from metabolic syndrome in a significant way.

Sisel’s FuCoyDon uses only Limu Moui derived fucoidan for its extract. We can be assured to receive the most effective form of fucoidan on the market!’ Limu Moui is the only seaweed” that contains an especially strong and complex strain of all three different types of fucoidan structures, F,G & U. These carry more benefits than fucoidan derived from any other kind of seaweed in the world.

Sisel has about 20 patents on fucoidan, this also includes sulfonation of fucoidan.

What is interesting is that Sulfated Fucoidan is the active form. However, only 1 in 8 molecules are sulfonated in nature.

What is special about Sisel’s patented process? All 8 molecules are sulfonated. This combination of sulfonated F, G & U fucoidan molecules supports the body with intense power for a range of health issues. This combination of ingredients is not found in any other fucoidan product only Sisel’s Fucodyon.

In 2010 Tom Mower Sr. was present, by the Patent Lawyers Association, “THE GENIUS OF THE YEAR” AWARD for his patents on Fucoidan.

What is Metabolic Syndrome?

Metabolic syndrome is a serious issue for most women over the age of 40. It leads to excessive weight gain and slows down biological processes for health including skin, hair, nails growth. This in itself creates other health issues not to mention a decrease in energy.

But it can be managed and even eliminated.

Highly concentrated sulfonated fucoidan is very powerful. By taking fucoidan, the body is given a powerful ingredient to support its’ battle against the dangers of high cholesterol, high triglyceride levels, and high blood pressure. In addition, it supports the body to boost the immune system like a newborn baby. A single-day increase in immunity support of around 400% increase.

Fucoidan and Metabolic Syndrome

Fucoidan Supports by countering Metabolic Syndrome Risk Factors

Metabolic syndrome affects many people. Many do not realise they have it. About 35% of the adult population in the United States, suffer from this condition according to the American Heart Association.

The condition can be supported by using the natural treatment of FUCOIDAN.

A person is considered to have metabolic syndrome if they have extreme abdominal obesity and high triglyceride, cholesterol, or blood pressure levels.

These issues have a flow-on effect, however having three or more of these issues qualifies someone as suffering from metabolic syndrome. Furthermore, it also exponentially increases their risk of serious heart and cardiovascular problems.

It is important to note that a healthy diet and exercise will go a long way and be your main weapons in the fight against metabolic syndrome.

FuCoyDon can provide immense power to anyone, especially women, with metabolic syndrome and a myriad of other health issues in a manner never before possible.

Information is taken from Tom Mowers Post Facebook 2013.

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