Katie and Dr Curt’s Favourite Sisel Products

Katie and Curt's Favourite Sisel Products

Katie and Curt’s Favourite Sisel Products

Katie and Dr Curt’s Favourite Sisel Products

Snippet from this week Sisel Team Call 26 minutes. with Katie and Dr Curt. Our favourite Sisel Products June 4 2022.

Katie: If you’re not taking them, how can you recommend them? I mean, of course, you can still recommend them but it’s like it’s not really going to be the same unless you’re a product of the product. If you’ve got results and you’re happy with them, then, it’s so much easier because you’ve got a story to share and we know that, facts tell stories.

So, we want to be sharing stories and plus as humans, we, you know, love learning through storytelling and you want to have that personal story and then when you’ve got that personal story because you’ve got great results it’s easy to share it with someone else. And so you know one of my favourite products or the favourite product of course is the Age Pill. And the reason I love that product is it works so well for so many people, for so many different things. You know. That’s right. It doesn’t just help with one thing. It helps with so many things across the body. And just recently I decided to go back to take a double dose.

Dr Curt: Well, it removes lipofuscin and moves the the glycation, right? Yeah. And what are they? Well, that’s like the sludge in your oil pan in your car. When you drive your car, you know, your this sludge builds up and you know, every every time you drive it, you should check the oil. So, that’s like taking the Age pill on a daily basis. You take  three in the morning, you take three at night. That’s like just making sure that you have plenty of oil in the oil pan and like Katie’s saying, don’t you change the oil car? Yeah.



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