Why natural medicines fail

why natural therapies fail to treat age related disease

Why natural therapies fails to treat age related disease

Before we discuss the topic of why natural medicines fail to treat age related disease, let’s talk about one particular age-related disease that affects 1 in 10 people before the age of 65. Alzheimer’s. As people get older this statistic goes up. In the US one in three seniors, die from a form of dementia / alzheimer’s


Aside from the obvious memory loss, many who have not experienced it may be surprised to learn that common changes in personality and behavior start to take place.

For the person that is experiencing it they are commonly found to suffer from lots of fear, worry, sadness and anger. To those that are watching they can see their love one turn into a shell of what they once were, both in the mind and then eventually the body.

Having experienced this disease first hand as my Father developed early onset Dementia at 54 years of age.

Common personality and behavior changes you may see in someone with Alzheimer’s include:

  • Hiding things or believing other people are hiding things
  • Imagining things that aren’t there
  • Wandering away from home
  • Pacing a lot
  • Hitting you or other people
  • Misunderstanding what he or she sees or hears

The impacts of Alzheimer’s are far reaching not just affecting the patient but also the family and friends.

What’s even more sad about this?

It truly is sad that with all the scientific technological discoveries that we have, that we cannot communicate natural medicine available with needy people who have many health issues and symptoms of aging. Tom Mower goes onto to discuss this topic and shares the following.

Natural Medicine discoveries

“In natural medicine great discoveries have been made by pharmaceutical companies and universities proving their effectiveness. However it’s a money driven business. Of course since it is illegal to patent a natural medicine or ingredient, because they are considered as God-given in the legal system; they will not make an effective natural medicine from it. Consequently, BIG Pharma tries to develop, a very different, synthetic molecule to work in similar ways. This process takes about 15 years and costs about $2 billion to get the product to the marketplace. Then there are the terrible side effects that often go along with this synthetic drug.

Natural medicine could be used

What is really truly sad is there are great discoveries made in natural/complementary medicine that could be used, and in some cases is in some countries. These discoveries have been made by universities, hospitals and research centers. However, because of the pharmaceutical laws requiring 15 years and about $2 billion to bring out a natural product, they never do it. It’s because once it was out competitors could bring out the same natural ingredient; because it’s legal to sell it and the price would be much less that the costs of getting a drug approval.

So this money game works against many of us in many ways.

How can natural therapies successful?

However , the scientific studies are legal to publish and a person has the right to read them. Since they’re in the public domain. While they are quite complex to read, often there are magazine articles written about it which is more on our level. Either way the information is there but it’s not generally going to be told to the patient by their doctor. Who frankly probably does not know a thing about it.

Doctors aren’t trained in natural medicine

First of all the doctor isn’t trained in it and has little or no knowledge in this area of natural medicine. They are trained to treat health issues and…. use only pharmaceuticals. Expensive drugs with so many side effects so often.

Whereas the natural medicine may be completely and compatible with our own biology. Generally there are only good/great effects. Scientific studies do show what the amounts of the key ingredients in the natural products are contained and how concentrated they must be to maximize effects and remain safe to us. So it’s up to us to find out and try to inform you …without violating any drug laws. For if you know something by yourself, you can tell someone else; because we still have free speech as long as we don’t interfere with the doctors practice of medicine.

Great news

The great news is that Sisel is truly an extraordinary company in that we do research the research to take these great discoveries in complementary natural medicines and make quite effective products sold at a very reasonable price. Better still with no side effects, no doctor visits and no travel to the drugstores to get these expensive prescription filled.

Even if you have insurance, the deductible you pay may well equal the cost of the natural product. In short, if you know what to do, then you can have a considerable potential to support the maintenance or in the restoration of many issues you may have.

Trust the Science Trust Sisel

This is why Sisel is here and because of the difficulty in reading these studies by many our motto is Trust the Science, Trust Sisel. We do the research. We develop fantastic products you want or need. Then we can in many cases, even provide you the studies or articles as long as they are independent of any advertising in our own literature on the website. Or for some you can go on the web and discover it for yourself.

Hope this gives you a better perspective of what you can truly do; because you do have the right to know choose and use effective products.” Tom Mower, Chief Scientist, and Co Founder of Sisel International.”

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