Sisel Kaffe Ground Weight Loss Coffee

What say you? A Weight Loss Coffee?

Yes indeedy! Sisel has taken it’s already premium bean, “healthy” coffee and added a few neat surprises to make a lean, mean fat burning machine!

  1. Sinetrol Mediterannean Diet Extracts — It’s added to thermally burn fat faster and studies have show 5-6 lbs of steady weight loss per month.
  2. Evodiamine — This is a thermogenic fat burning sensation with such intensity a rise in body temperature can be felt. It also blocks fat uptake in fat cells.
  3. Pterostilbene Crystal Caffeine — This complex molecule releases up to eight hours of substantial, sustainable energy. You be like the energizer bunny that keeps going and going… instead of the short two hour buzz caffeine gives. We all know that buzz is followed by a dramatic energy crash. It’s not that great for your bodies biology either.
  4. Chromium Polynicotinate — for insulin receptor stimulation for fat usage by lean muscle mass taking in fat for energy creation and fat loss.
  5. Yerba Mate Extract — Gives you cardiovascular energy and increases fat burning energy.
  6. EGCG’s from Green Tea — They increase your fat burning metabolism, cellular uptake of fat, inhibiting digestion of carbohydrates and reducing your appetite. Yay!
  7. Guarana — Increases energy metabolism and synergistically interact with Sinetrol to accelerate the Mediterranean diet fat burning power.
  8. Green Coffee Bean Chlorogenic Acid extract — Increases the fat usage metabolism and suppresses fat storage.
  9. Garcinia Cambogia extract — May curb appetite, suppress fat storage, increase energy and interferes with fat storage enzyme production.
  10. Raspberry Ketone extract — Know to suppress the appetite while utilizing glucose to increase fat burning and energy release, breakdown & destruction of fats, speed up metabolism, protect against fat build up especially in the liver. Smart Ingredient to infuse into weight loss coffee.

Drink coffee and lose weight? I’ll drink to that!

weight loss coffee sisel kaffe weight loss coffee


Sisel Kaffe – Ground Weight Loss

Sisel Kaffé combines it’s famous black coffee, made from delicious Panama Boquete Gesha Coffee Beans and four health promoting supplements, with a blend of four core weight loss support ingredients and seven thermogenic fat burning ingredients to support your weight loss goals.

With Weight Loss Kaffé, you get the award winning taste of Panama coffee and the weight loss support you need to help you achieve your goals in a delicious way.

Last Updated on March 27, 2016 by Katie Sisel Distributor

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