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Last week Tom Mower announced the New MegaFuse anti aging skin care product. It is to be released early 2019. This is a massively improved version of Transfusium.

What has Tom Mower go to say about the new product MegaFuse?

If you would like to know what tom has said about the new product keep reading. Below I have shared some of the transcript from Tom Mower’s announcement. Tom Mower is the Chief Scientist and Co Founder of Sisel.

I want to talk today about with one last thing and that is your skin. Your skin takes the worst beating of anything because not only does it duplicate at a fast rate, stem cell activity is huge.

Of course it’s your largest organ in your body and it’s your protective organ too. So you get a lot of senescence cells (dorminat stem cells) that start building up in face hands throat areas like that.

(Author’s note: this causes the aging look of skinaging skin).

Well throughout all your skin this occurs. But especially in those areas because they’re bombarded by ultraviolet  wavelengths and infrared wavelengths that actually damage stem cells badly.

We have done a great job with Transfusion but we have found things that we can do, other things that can now go into it.

If there were ever the chance to have young skin again, I think it’s here.

But if you’re going to do that much to badly damaged skin,  in those areas, its important to supplement and support it.

Trust me I know what I’m doing with this kind of thing. So we’re going to have a super-strength transfusion maybe we’ll call it Mega Fuse, or something else like that.

megafuse addresses aging skin in the places needed

It will be enormously powerful. We’re going to add the components in it from the AGE Pill. Especially all the ingredients that address glycation and senescence cells.

We may even have some special treatments you can use that nobody’s even considering. We’re going to do it because the science is there but because we manufacture,  we can get those ingredients and make that kind of thing happen. So you’re going to see tremendous changes coming after the first of the year with the Sisel skincare line.

Tell me this, tell me about another company on earth that is doing this. Tell me one that could do this. I don’t think any of these guys supplements are as good. They wouldn’t even be because it’s so limited on price. —

Well there you have it. Sisel’s new MegaFuse. Can’t wait to look younger and feel better about my skin. I agree 100% with Tom. There is no other company that is like Sisel. We have a unique situation here. So we are very fortunate to have access to such an advanced line of skin care.  Contact me if you would like to go on the waiting list for this product. Click here.


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