Product Review Sisel’s Hair Growth System

Update on my Hair Growth Progress with the SISEL Hair Helmet. by Bill Defalco.

You can clearly see a very big difference between my “Before” picture, taken on April 30, 2016 and the latest picture I took today, June 23, 2016.

No question here that I’ve been growing hair with this Amazing New Product from the Minds at SISEL that utilizes a Laser Light Technology that projects a precisely tuned level of Laser Light through 68 special Laser Light-emitting Diodes inside the helmet.

The FDA has evaluated Laser Light technology and verified that reactivates dormant hair follicles to start growing new hair, and that it stimulates hair follicles that are growing hair to produce thicker hair.

Click on the pictures below to view the enlarged photos to see how impressive the results truly are!


Hair Growth Review Sisel