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GIVE YOUR FAMILY THE BEST -Pure, Nurturing Products Without Harmful Chemicals


How Can You Make Your Home Sisel Safe®?

We know your top priority: the health and happiness of your family. You care about the food they eat, the air they breathe, the environment they live in. But did you know that one of the most significant threats to their health could be in your own home, found in the very products that they use every day?
Many health and beauty products contain potentially harmful ingredients. Your skin, only 1/10th of an inch thick and highly permeable, absorbs many of the things you put on it. Once absorbed, potentially harmful chemicals travel through the bloodstream and accumulate in other organs and cells. With
daily exposure, over the course of a lifetime, it adds up. Sisel Safe® products avoid these ingredients so you can enjoy peace of mind for you and your family.

Common household and personal care products contain all-too-common and POTENTIALLY HARMFUL TOXIC CHEMICALS

Sisel will not use these-or any other-controversial ingredients. Take a look at your personal care products and see if their labels list any of these chemicals that you should be concerned about:

Propylene Glycol-A common ingredient in RV anti-freeze, it may cause liver abnormalities and kidney damage.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate-A well-known highly aggressive detergent common in industrial degreasers and floor cleaners, may result in harmful long-term effects in skin and eyes.

PEG (Polyethylene Glycol)-It penetrates the skin and may be carcinogenic and contain trace amounts of

1,4-Dioxane. Parabens-Studies which have found their existence in breast cancer tumors. It has also been found that it can have an endocrine-disrupting action.

Mineral Oil-Petroleum based, it dries the skin and clogs the pores. It can lead to blemishes and the appearance of prematurely aged skin.

Fluoride-Every toothpaste that contains fluoride has a warning label that advises you to call the poison control center if you ingest more than a small amount. And the packaging is just as harmful as the product.

warning label on toothpaste how much is toxic?

Some plastic containers leach potentially harmful chemicals, like Bisphenol-A (BPA) and phthalates, into the products inside them.


Potentially harmful Toxins CHEMICALS

  • Propylene Glycol
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
  • Peg
  • Parabens
  • Mineral Oil/Glycerine
  • Fluoride

Effects of Toxins

  • May Cause Kidney Damage
  • Negatively Affects Skin and Eyes
    Skin Irritation
  • Can Disrupt Endocrine System
  • Promotes Skin Aging
  • Can Be Toxic

When it comes to the health of your family, make the easy choice- SISEL SAFE PRODUCTS SAFE, GENTLE PRODUCTS, Free From Harmful Ingredients.

This is our promise to you. Sisel won’t use controversial, potentially harmful ingredients in
our products. In fact, our mission is to hold ourselves to the highest possible standard of ingredient integrity. We will always give you safest, most-effective, non-toxic ingredients to keep your family safe, healthy, and happy.
For example, in our sulfate-free shampoo, we refuse to use the typical, harsh foaming agents, sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate. Instead, we use cocamidopropyl betaine-that’s a lot of syllables to describe a simple ingredient made from gentle coconut oil. We also add a hair-enriching botanical complex of burdock, ivy, and fenugreek. And instead of using questionable, artificial fragrances, we use natural, sweet essential oils of citrus fruit to create a refreshing, delightful scent.
We follow this same process for every formula we create: remove the bad and replace it with the great, so you can use every Sisel product with peace of mind. In addition, you will find all of your Sisel products in BPA and phthalates-free containers.
What can you do to make your home A SANCTUARY FOR YOUR FAMILY? MAKE THE SWITCH
Convert Your Household To Sisel Safe Products We make it easy and worry-free to keep our homes free from potentially harmful ingredients!

Here’s how to convert your household into a Sisel Safe home:

Read the labels on your existing products. Make a list of those items that contain potentially
harmful ingredients. Beginning with products which may pose the highest risk to your family’s health, prioritize your list.
Replace the items on your list with Sisel products (call Katie 0422538801).
SISEL SAFE® : When you see the seal, you know What does the Sisel Safe Approved seal mean? It means that we promise to use only the purest, safest and most effective ingredients, and to avoid the use of harmful or unsafe packaging materials.
When you see the Sisel Safe seal, you can be confident that the products you purchased have gone through the highest level of scientific scrutiny and are ready to help your family be as healthy as it can be.

Mower Mission Sisel

Mower Mission Sisel

Sisel_Safe_Products_Toxic_Freejpg_Page10 - Copy
Where Sisel Safe® Products are Born

In our Research and Development labs, we pore through scientific studies from all over the world and use that knowledge to formulate the latest advances in safe, powerful health and beauty products. Over 1000 new chemicals are produced every year.
We keep tabs on the latest industry developments to keep our products Sisel Safe. We oversee the entire manufacturing process in our own 100 million dollar, 400,000 square foot manufacturing plant.


Sisel Safe isn’t just a slogan-it’s a promise.

Sisel Safe Personal Care Toxic Free

Skin Care

  • Absolve Liquid Hand Cleanser -Has a soothing blend of essential oils-lavender, rosemary, calendula, and thyme.
  • Hand and Body Lotion -Moisturize-rich with shea oil, babassu palm kernel oil, and mango seed butter.
  • Everfresh Deodorant -Botanical extracts of aloe, witch hazel, coriander, and sage keep you confident.

Choose Our Safe, Gentle Formulas

Get started on your journey to a healthier life by replacing your current care products with these personal care basics listed below. None of them contain chemicals like parabens, PEGs, polysorbates, sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, mineral oil, propylene glycol, aluminum, or any other potentially harmful ingredient. We offer many more Sisel Safe® personal care products and dietary supplements-see them all at!/products#21

Bath and Body

  • Exquisite Revitalizing Shampoo (Sulfate-Free Formula) – A sulfate-free botanical complex blended with hydrolyzed silk and wheat to leave hair fresh, soft, shiny, and manageable.
  • Replenish Moisturizing Conditioner – Antistatic and conditioning agents restore damaged hair and add body and shine.
  • Hair Gel Firm Hold -Contains positively charged polymers, which bind with negatively charged amino acids in the hair to allow natural movement and excellent stylability.
  • Bubble Bath -Made with natural, biodegradable corn starch glucose; also uses aloe to sooth and soften.
Sisel Toxic Free Makeup - No harmful ingredients - Sisel Safe

Sisel Toxic Free Makeup – No harmful ingredients – Sisel Safe

Timeless Minerals Cosmetics

  • Mineral Liquid Foundation Contains aloe barbadensis leaf that calms and moisturizes the skin.
  • Mineral Foundation Pressed Face Powder Features lighter-than-air, all-natural minerals that will not block pores.
  • Loose Mineral Face Powder – Minerals allow the skin to breathe while providing full coverage.
  • Loose Mineral Face Powder – SPF 15 Protects the skin from the sun’s age-accelerating rays.
  • Loose Mineral Blush – Contains light-reflecting minerals, which reduce the appearance of aging.
  • Mineral Eye Pencil -Formulated with jojoba oil and antioxidants that moisturize and protect
    delicate skin.
  • Mineral Eye Shadow -Contains vitamin E to protect the sensitive areas around the eye.
  • Lash Builder Mascara -Has hydrating Panthenol and lash-building fibers.
  • Mineral Lip Pencil -Jojoba oil supports the absorption of nutrients, emollients, and
  • Mineral Lip Gloss -Contains a lip-pampering blend of lavender, rosemary, peppermint, cinnamon, thyme, and oregano essential oils.
  • Mineral Lipstick -Formulated with an exclusive blend of sunflower seed, coconut, and sesame oils that protect and moisturize.
  • Pressed Illuminator – With luminescent, naturally occurring minerals that allow skin to breathe, while providing full coverage.
  • Mineral Bronzer -Lightweight minerals that won’t clog pores and are ideal for all skin types.
  • Dental -SupraShine™ Toothpaste Fluoride and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate-free and sweetened with
    all-natural, tooth-friendly xylitol.
  • Terminator™ Mouth Rinse – Alcohol and Fluoride-free Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide eliminates bad breath and is gentle on delicate mouth tissue.
  • Clean Home, Clean Conscience
  • Asepti-Clean Dish Soap -Tough on dirty dishes, easy on your hands and environment; biodegradable.
  • Vibrant Laundry Detergent -Contains safe and effective foaming agents designed to emulsify and hold soils in suspension so they rinse away.

THE MOWER MISSION-a lifelong passion

Over two decades ago Tom Mower, Sr. came to a shocking realization: Many of the same harsh chemicals used to manufacture industrial-strength cleaners and detergents were exactly the same as those used to produce common household personal care items.

These were chemicals that were reported to pose health risks when they came into contact with the skin. So why would personal care products contain chemicals like that? Tom was determined to spread the word and to find alternatives to these potentially harmful ingredients. Thus began a quest that would produce an historic explosion of  activity-a new awakening-in the health and wellness community. Thus was born Tom Mower’s lifelong mission.

Tom Mower, Sr.
President and Co-Founder
Sisel International

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