Sisel Safe – Remove Toxins from your home

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Sisel Safe – Remove Toxins from your home.

The importance of removing toxins from your home and life can’t be understated. Today Dr Curt and I discussed the topic of removing toxins from your life and how Sisel products can improve your health.  Sisel Safe products offer a healthy alternative.  Toxins are easily absorbed into the body. Your skin is the largest organ of the body, it is responsible for detoxification and absorption. Scientific studies carried out by the American Journal Of Public Health, found that; the skin absorbs up to 64% of what is applied topically.

However other studies found the face, underarms and genital areas to be even more permeable with a 100% absorption rate.

What are you applying to your face and underarms? Are the ingredients harmful?

Who knew about potentially harmful ingredients?

  • 1989 Tom Mower Sr started his first company with Images and produced safe products with no harmful ingredient back them Tom was touting the dangers of ingredients in personal care products.  
  • He worked with Samuel Epstein Cancer Prevention Coalition and achieved the award as having the safest personal care products in the world in the 90’s – A book was also published called Dangerous Beauty
  • Sisel International was founded in 2006 by Tom Mower Jr and the late Tom Mower Sr
  • Today Tom Mower Jr is the Chief Scientist and continues the Mower Mission with Sisel Products which are safe and toxin free
  • The Mower Mission continues today with SiselSAFE products.

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