What works for acne? Sisel product testimonial

Last Updated on November 30, 2015 by Katie Sisel Distributor

Public this testimony with the consent of Riccardo Lipari that would like to thank you for sharing with all these results thanks to products sisel!

Hi! What I am going to write to you maybe it might be useful to those who may have doubts about the validity of sisel products.

Since I was a teenager I always had problems with acne. In a very heavy, so much so that I continue to have for years a rash incredible on my back.

I’ve tried everything… Doctors, homeopathic practitioners, naturopati etc… But nothing has ever solved my problem.

The only thing that was working was a drug called roaccutan, but I had to stop it after the first week because I was literally his liver.

So now I had resigned myself to having to keep this rash in the back practically forever. Now what I’m about to say may seem strange to many (especially doctors and sceptical) but I in the last two and a half months I have had some amazing results.

In this period of time I have eliminated the coffee “normal” and I only got the coffee of sisel and the Mocha Latte (which I love so much!), I replaced the bagnoshiuma I used before with those of sisel and I tried the triangle of life every day a drink a day.

Sisel products before and after acne improved

I did a photo 2 and a half months ago before we start to take these products to see if there would have been changes (and I have to say that the photos i taken with very sceptical views my evidence in the past).

And I’m not usually shout to the world some things, because I’m always a little bit ashamed of this situation. But I couldn’t keep it for me, is too powerful for not out!

Thanks to you for introducing me to these products! Thanks to you, Richard Lipari!

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