Why SISEL? A Message from Tom Mower Founder and Scientist

Last Updated on April 12, 2016 by Katie Sisel Distributor

Why SISEL you ask?

“30 years ago I stated Cosmetics are your greatest source of toxins unless you smoke.

I have been slandered for it, sued and assaulted BUT Never Ever Have I Stopped… because it is true.

Now it is coming home to roost and media and some groups are now waking up to what I always said.


Cosmetics do not make you younger, rather they make you age faster.

They are most likely the worst health issue you face every day and it occurs right in your bathroom for you, your children and family.

Sisel Safe is the answer.

PLUS with Sisel’s highly advanced ingredients, these products truly do work to greatly improve, the (legally correct way of saying it) making you look, much-much younger, with more vibrant radiant skin, hair.

Wrinkles really do seem to disappear.

Eyes bags can be reduced, sagging discolored aging skin can be a thing of the past as its appearance will glow with the revitalizing power of the truest look of youthfulness that scientific research has made possible…BUT where?

Only in Sisel I truly believe. We are a company like no other, avoiding all the bad ingredients we find that can do meaningful damage or harm and supplementing them with a wide variety of many kinds of biologically powerful ingredients in so an array and in the maximum concentrations to achieve what you really-truly are looking for.

These results cannot be obtained with any…other…product line on planet earth, I really-truly do believe.

Sisel Safe is right but Sisel’s Highly Effective products are even more exciting and…in my opinion there is no other intelligent, rational choice to make, if you truly look at see.

Almost without exception, all other products, I firmly believe have little or not value. OVER HYPED & under performing is all I ever see. Do not believe in them..that is my strong advice and equally say. Believe in Sisel. If it sounds too good to be true, it really must be Sisel because we only build products based on the real science, the real true results we promote it for and in the maximum strength of many ingredients in a formulation to achieve fantastic results.

Not skin damaging effects of other cosmetics, botox or the flower nerium oleander ingredient types of diluted poisons to where they numb the skin and sicken it in my opinion. I call them COSTMEDICS rather than intensively powerful biologically based cosmetics as Sisel Promotes.

Results are everything and to do so to enhance health rather than degrade it seriously is so obvious to me.

But it costs money to do it and with almost all others the money is in the advertising and packaging and seriously lacking in the formulas… again in my not so humble but extremely professional knowledge of products and the industry I believe I have. 

A report to follow from the EU and the health damage created for almost…all cosmetics. NOT Sisel but almost all others it seems and I totally agree with that statement.

So ladies use the best, avoid the harm and accelerated aging others offer with shiny photos of 20 year olds marketing wrinkle products. Give a 40-50-60 year old face to Sisel and I believe we can give you back a 30 year old looking face in a reasonably short time.”

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Tom Mower founder of Sisel International. He is a prolific author and international motivational speaker known for his ability to ignite energy and enthusiasm in the minds and hearts of his loyal distributors. He is not only a renowned scientist and product formulator, he holds several patents for break-through discoveries in scientific research for natural medicine and health care products.

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