Growing a Sisel Business

Growing a Sisel Business and becoming part of the Sisel family can be both financially gratifying and extremely enjoyable. The Mowers have established Sisel as a visionary enterprise of product development, manufacturing, and distribution that ensures the Mower Mission spreads and flourishes around the world. Sisel offers a great opportunity for you to earn additional income by selling products and receiving commissions, while doing good. Many Sisel Distributors have changed their lives in extraordinary ways by taking advantage of the Sisel business opportunity and sharing the value of a healthier life with others.

Growing a Sisel Business

For your business to succeed, you must establish positive relationships with your customers. Even though more and more people are working remotely, there is still a desire to physically connect with people and businesses. Brand recognition is one of the most important aspects to focus on.

As a company, Sisel has developed numerous tools that can help you foster brand  advocacy and promote word of mouth messaging that can keep your business top of mind. When you decide to make the commitment to become part of the Sisel family, you’ll not only be provided with a rich compensation plan, you’ll also receive the tools you need to succeed, including: Product Catalog and Distributor Enrolment Kit.

The Sisel Catalog, combined with your Distributor Enrolment Kit, are the core tools you can use to start up and boost your business and share the Sisel products. Our attractive catalog contains the essence of our product offering, helps compel people to start a business, and is ideal for sharing with new contacts, prospects, and future Distributors. The Distributor Enrolment Kit is now available to a new enrollee as a digital option (available in the Back Office) as well as the printed version.

This means distributors no longer have to pay for shipping the distributor kit, an immediate cost saving when registering with Sisel Sisel.

Although brochures are one of the oldest forms of marketing, they remain one of the best ways to educate customers and increase brand recognition and share the Sisel Products. We cannot emphasize enough the difference that a handsome brochure can make in the hands of your customers. It can accurately convey the level of commitment and respect that you have for yourself and for your Sisel business. A home-printed handout can inform, but may never be able to compete and give the same impression a full-color brochure gives.

When used strategically, brochures can make lasting impressions and drive your business forward. Consumers often find themselves
overwhelmed by the large volumes of information they receive online daily; printed brochures can have longer impact and a longer shelf life, since they can be conveniently reviewed and shared during face-to face relationships. When you give your customers a brochure, you are also providing the opportunity to retain the information and reference it whenever it’s convenient for them.

A large number of companies compete for your customers’ attention; using physical touchpoints like brochures to reach your audience
can help establish your products or services in a stable and lasting way. Brochures can be used to establish contact with prospects and
potential clients, but they can also keep your existing clients informed and up to date on sales and promotions.

Sisel Website and Back Office When you become a Sisel Distributor, you’ll get your own personalized website to help you share Sisel’s amazing products and opportunity. Sisel’s Back Office offers Distributors an efficient and comprehensive place to track your business,
order products, and see real-time sales figures, statistics, and commissions. From the Resources tab in your Back Office, you are able to download, print, and share any of the files and documents within that library.

Regular Group Calls
As a Distributor, you will have access to listen to and participate in the Sisel Leadership Call and the What’s Up Call. These collective calls are held regularly and include: training, updates, promotions, and product as well as event information.
Our online store, is designed to help you build your business and live the brand. Make your meetings look more professional with Sisel banners, branded tablecloths, runners, and bags. You’ll also be able to order custom printed Sisel materials like business cards, labels, and window decals. Get decked out in Sisel SWAG with hats, t-shirts, tank tops, workout clothes, hoodies,
leggings and more. Make your trips to the gym, a work lunch, the golf course, or even the grocery store an opportunity for people
to ask you, “Hey, what’s Sisel?” Be sure to check out our new banners, apparel, and SWAG items and use them to help boost your business.

Social Media

Sisel’s Social Media platforms are packed with useful information about products, tips, sales training, and more. They also add to the human connection necessary to establish good working relationships.

To help you succeed in your business, focus on developing a strategy that will include a combination of ALL these tools in building and expanding your organization. Combined, these tools can propel your organization up to new levels in a sustained, organized, and effective manner.

Sisel App

We reserved a special spot to feature our unique, forward-thinking, and FREE Sisel App. This application is not a one-size-fits all solution;
it has been created to fit YOUR business needs, goals, and initiatives. Utilizing the Sisel App will ensure that you can build your business
with ease, as it provides many features that can increase sales and productivity. The application provides a seamless experience for sharing resources with prospects and for sharing on Social Media.

Not only do you have shareable resources stored in a convenient place, but the application also provides visibility of what actions your
prospects have taken with the resources you have sent them. If that isn’t instant results, then what is?

Within the app, you can import your contacts, view their feeds, and share content with them. You can easily access your replicated site
and Back Office as well. Also, you will find libraries with images, PDFs of product brochures, product sheets, newsletters, videos, corporate calls, and corporate resources–like the catalog and compensation plan training.

With the Sisel App, you are not limited to sharing the Sisel-provided pre-uploaded resources. The application has a ground breaking feature that allows you to upload your own custom content such as interactive videos. Using the Sisel App strategically can produce immediate results in your business while maximizing your ability to work on the go!

For more information about creating a Sisel Business please contact Katie + 61422538801.

Last Updated on March 27, 2023 by Katie Sisel Distributor