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Although silver has been around for a long time, and the idea of offering a silver liquid supplement has also been on Tom Mower Junior’s mind for a long time. Only recently has the technology evolved and allowed us to produce a Sisel Safe® form of micronized colloidal silver liquid that meets our exacting standards. SiselSilver™ Micronized Colloidal Silver Liquid.

The enthusiasm following the official release of Sisel Silver Micronized Colloidal Silver on September 19th has been phenomenal! This much-anticipated product launch has generated unmatched momentum and energy. With spiking sales and unparalleled demand for Sisel’s newest product, excitement for Sisel Silver Liquid is soaring and sure to last.

We first heard Tom Mower Jr. present on silver during Mower Mountain in June. Tom expressed that over the years while he closely followed other silver products on the market, he had always been hesitant to launch a silver product of his own since technology had not previously existed to create a Sisel Safe® formula.

However, with recent advancements in the science of silver for human use, the technology does now exist and is supported by numerous clinical studies.

During Tom’s Mower Mountain presentation, he also introduced Steve Revelli – an expert on silver technology who has spent decades
of his career working with and advancing silver science. Steve spoke on the Ag404 molecule, and how this Tetrasilver tetraoxide coating makes our silver so distinctive.

Steve Reveli

Our unique and effective micronized colloidal silver core is surrounded by an Ag404 Tetrasilver tetraoxide molecular coating. This technology promotes continuous particle function to maximize bioavailability and potency.

Unlike traditional colloidal silver, our micronized colloidal Sisel Silver Liquid with its Ag404 coating includes millions of silver oxide molecules attached to a central silver particle. These millions of molecules can ensure our superior silver functionality is reproduced time and time again to maximize the benefits people are looking for when using silver.

Working with industry experts and our talented Research and Development team, we have ensured that the SiselSilver product we have created lives up to our rigorous Sisel Safe® standards and is more effective than traditional colloidal silver products on the market today.
Sisel Silver Liquid works naturally by adding additional defense to support the body’s immune system and provides powerful protection for general health and wellbeing.

Supported by independent studies, our Sisel Silver Liquid formula utilizes a proven, new technology that magnifies the power and efficacy of silver. Sisel Silver Liquid is a probiotic-friendly formula, and the science behind our product is supported by human clinical studies and toxicity studies.

The importance of RO water
Although a first glance at the Sisel Silver liquid label reveals a fairly simple-looking formula of just two ingredients—silver and water—the science that goes into each of these ingredients is beyond impressive. We’ve already shared our advanced silver technology. But how about the science behind our water?

RO water treatment plant

Sisel Silver liquid is formulated with RO Water—or Reverse Osmosis Water. During manufacturing, the water in the formula is processed and purified on the premises, passing through an advanced treatment plant before being combined with our micronized colloidal silver. Within our truly state of the art water purification system, water is brought in and first run through our carbon filtration system to remove any chlorine. It is then purified through our reverse osmosis system, then passes through a UV light system which effectively kills any microorganisms. It then passes through a final filter to its ultimate purified state. After this thorough filtration process, the water is circulated through stainless steel piping to arrive at the precise location where the final formula is mixed, and the product is filled into packaging. Our water filtration system is so advanced that outside municipal water departments have come to study it for their own use.
Minerals, chlorine, and salts that may be found in “regular” water can cause stability issues when combined with silver, negatively interacting with silver and rendering the formula ineffective. The reverse osmosis process filters out any unwanted molecules, larger particles, and excess minerals. Using RO water ensures that our formulation remains stable, powerful, and highly effective.

Fun Facts About Silver

  •  Silver is the most reflective metal. Silver reflects 95% of the visible light spectrum, which makes it the most reflective metal. Because of that, many mirrors are coated with it. Its reflective properties are also used for objects like telescopes, microscopes and solar panels.
  • No word rhymes with silver. The word silver comes from the Anglo-Saxon word seolfor, and it is notoriously known as one of the English words with no possible rhyme. Also, the words for ‘silver’ and ‘money’ are the same in fourteen languages or more.
  • Silver has been around forever. Silver is one of the first five metals to ever be discovered, dating as far back as 4000 BC.
  • Silver was the first metal to be used as currency. In ancient Egypt, it was valued higher than gold.

We’ve all heard the phrase “born with a silver spoon in his/her mouth,” and most of us would take that to mean the child grew up wealthy.
But the idiom originated as a way of saying that the person never seemed to get sick. Because of silver’s beneficial properties, in the old days children who were fed with silver spoons (a luxury often reserved for wealthier families), often resulted in healthier babies.

As you can tell we have gone out of our way to provide the most effective and bioavailable silver liquid product possible. We have also brewed up a number of supporting collateral pieces that you can find in your Sisel Office to help you get the word out and ensure that you can build and expand your business.

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